Cardinal Burke Has A New Pet Project, But He Has Not Completed The First One

The Catholic Blogosphere seems very excited about Cardinal Burke now (suddenly) advocating for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

If memory serves, this is the same Cardinal who announced a correction of Amoris Laetitia (or of Pope Francis directly) now around eight months ago, for the case that the Pope does not answer the Dubia posed to him.

You can make a baby in eight months. In the same time frame, Cardinal Burke has not managed – together with his paper tiger colleagues – to write three or four well-written sentences of condemnation of, at the very least, Amoris Laetitia and in fact, logically, of Francis' own pontificate and mindset.

I can't say I am impressed by this man. The entire planet is waiting for him to show some balls, and he reacts by doing nothing on the matter and… opening another front instead.

If he thinks we will forget what he has to do, he is sadly mistaken.

Cardinal Burke's dereliction of duty is ongoing. It becomes more scandalous every day that passes. No amount of deflections will let us forget that this here is one who can (almost) bark, but can't bite at all.

And please spare me the elaborate excuses for this man's and his confreres' utter lack of action. This is not the XVI Century anymore. In the age of Twitter, eight months are the equivalent of a geological era of the past. Also, it is clear that the four Cardinals were told in no uncertain terms that Francis will not answer the Dubia. There is no reason at all to wait one minute longer. Actually, at this point there would not be even if Francis had stated he intends to answer.

The man should just do his job, instead of trying to invent more ways to get an easy approval for his sheer dereliction of duty.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Sorry that I have to agree with you, Mundabor. Burke et al. should have stuck to their guns and issued the correction months ago. Seems it will never happen.

  2. M. I am still waiting Burke with hope. We don’t know all.
    I think he will keep his promise, and Caffara’s one.
    Maradiaga reactions (head of G9 Mafia) to the Dubia and the present advocate shows a how furious is Francis.
    You teached us something similar regarding Trump.
    Let us be patient, something must happen.

    • The big difference with Trump is that Trump a) has balls, and b) delivers whatever he can. There is no indication Burke does the same, as in his case the delivery depends on him only.

  3. Short of storming Casa Santa Marta, where the four cardinals would be outmatched by the Swiss Guards, Cardinal Burke’s options are limited. I think he and any other faithful cardinals and bishops should hold some kind of forum/conference wherein they discuss the heretical aspects of AL and how it opposes Church doctrine. In that venue, they should then issue the formal correction. What that would lead to, who knows? But at least it keeps the narrative alive among the faithful and puts pressure on the other side to respond to the issues instead of making ad hominem attacks.

    I do give the him some credit, though, because even after Francis demoted his demotion, Cardinal Burke keeps plugging away slowly but surely. In his speech at the Rome Life Forum, there was another important part, beyond the request for the consecration of Russia which everyone is focused on. He described a Church in error about Her most fundamental teaching and a confused Church which rebels against God. That’s a direct hit on Francis, who must still be reeling after hearing it. I don’t think a cardinal or bishop has ever gone to the extent of calling out a sitting pope about not performing his mission. The Jesuit/communist (how redundant) attack dogs are going after Burke now. Francis already unleashed “Mad Dog” Maradiaga (or was that a chihuahua?) to viciously mock and defame the Cardinal. But you are right, Mundabor, this whole process has been going on way too long.

    • His options are none: *he must do what he said he would and should do*. No ifs, no buts, no excuses.

      The matter here is not what happens afterwards: he cannot force Francis to become a decent person. No one asks him to do what does not depend on him. He can’t make a Golpe in the Vatican, nor is anyone waiting for him to do so. The comparison with storming Casa Santa Marta is not pertinent.

      But *the action of openly condemning the heresies in Amoris Laetitia* is not an option, it’s an obligation.

  4. My understanding ,from reading around is that Cardinal Burke said he does not have the support of the cardinals that he expected, especially not that of Cardinal Muller, head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, who has not been particularly negative about the AL Document itself since he believes it can be read/applied in continuity with already defined Church teaching, and therefore is not heretical. Cardinal Muller also dwells on the Canon laws which re-enforces papal supremacy. In contrast, what was revealed in the recent lay Theologian’s conference in Rome was that historically a pope was formally corrected ( although after his death) not only for formal heresy but for “promoting heresy”, which Pope Francis has done. Francis’s heresy is not over unsettled doctrine as was the case cited, but concerns the Constant teaching of the Church, which is well defined and was explained by recent Popes. As for the Canon laws, Canon law as we know it came into the Church only in the 12th century; the latest version is only a few decades old, and in my opinion it reads as if written in advance to protect a heretical pope, something that even at the time was the stated intent of ‘liberal’ Clergymen. The problem with Francis IMHO is a theological problem, and the Doctors of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Thomas Aquinas respectively, wrote that a sitting Pope excommunicates himself by heresy, a heretical pope can be removed from office by competent authority, and a heretic may be executed after he has been declared so by competent authority.

    • With all possible respect: poppycock.

      Burke’s duty is not to wait for other Cardinals. This is not a democracy, nor is right or wrong judged by numbers.

      Cardinal Burke said so himself.

      He has no excuses.

  5. Mary McMahon

    Perhaps Cardinal Burke is going to kill two birds with one stone .

    • And how would be exactly do that, please?

      When are we going to look at reality as it is instead of taking refuge in indeterminate fantasies?

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