This Time, They Are 22 (For Now)

The attack in Manchester does have an element of novelty: that the Manchester Arena terrorists targeted children and teenagers. The Religion of Peace never ceases to surprise.

All the rest is identical: a tidal wave of sugary common places, always the same phrases, always the same official statements, always the same nonsense. As I write here, an idiot on Sky states “it does not matter who did it”. Go figure.

The root cause of the problem is not being addressed. Therefore, the problem will remain.

This time the dead are (for now) 22, and this is not only stolen lives, but broken families. Who knows how many they will be next time. That there will be a next time, there can be no doubt.

I look at all this not only with sadness, but with a clear perception of the historical processes that are happening: our Western institution have invited this cancer within themselves, and this cancer is now developing as it is designed to do.

Meanwhile, the praise of the multicultural society goes on unabated on all the major UK channels. It truly beggars belief.



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  1. Without a doubt this is a horrible tragedy. There is no way to excuse the perpetrator of this crime. But is anyone in the blogosphere questioning why these young children and teens were at this concert in the first place? Never having heard of Ariana Grande, I looked up the lyrics to some of her songs. They are so sexually explicit that I would be embarrassed to listen to them, much less expose my children to them. Now there are 22 families grieving the loss of their children’s bodies, but did anyone give a thought to what this “artist” was doing to their souls? My prayer today is that the souls of these kids, some of whom hadn’t even reached the age of reason, are now gathered around Our Lord who will teach them the Truth they never would have received on earth. It is right to feel sick at the thought of this evil, perverted attack. But I, for one, cannot help feeling sad and discouraged by the ignorance and negligence of the “adults” who allowed these poor kids to imbibe the lewd “art” of Ariana Grande.

  2. All I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11/2001.

  3. The bodies weren’t even cold before the idiots came out (as they always do) worrying about the specter of an anti-Muslim backlash….

  4. Bergoglio has the blood of those 22 on his hands.

  5. Will they even recognize when they (UK) is Islamic?
    Instead of worshiping Jesus, popular singers & actors get the worship.
    Our world is fast turning pagan; could the end be just around the corner?

    • Why would it be so? If Europe turns pagan or Muslim this means that Europeans are paying the price of their stupidity, not that the world is about to end.

  6. What a surprise! Another terrorist attack in Great Briton. When you allow Muslims into your country, provide them with social welfare benefits so they don’t have to work, don’t require them to assimilate, they act on their Islamic teachings and kill dozens of people. You brought it on yourselves GB. Get used to it.

  7. “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Pope Francis.

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