Remaining Faithful In The Age Of Francis: Ten Points To Know And Share

Ora pro nobis

Francis is about to appoint more Cardinals. It is a slow process of erosion, from Cardinals who do not believe in God but feel obliged to fake their faith to Cardinals who do not believe in God and feel obliged to demolish the faith.

At this point it is fair to say that even if Francis were to die tomorrow, the probability of getting a Tagle would be very high. Or a Schoenborn. Or some other CINO. Bar a Divine intervention, the demolition of the Church is going to continue. People like Schoenborn would be far more dangerous than Francis, because whilst Francis is stupid and uneducated Schoenborn is neither. We might, therefore, be steering towards a phase of far more dangerous, because far more subtle, perversion of Catholicism going on for a very long time.

What is, therefore, a poor Catholic to do? I suggest the following:

1. Realise that God is punishing us for the madness and rebellion of Vatican II. He is making us swallow the entire bottle of the poison we wanted to drink. This will teach us a lesson all right.

2. Resolve to live and die in your faith no matter the scale of the destruction.

3. Realise that your individual salvation is not decided by Tagle or Schoenborn or Bergoglio. It is decided by God, who expects you to collaborate with His grace towards it.

4. Understand that God's ways are such that no one, whom God has decreed worthy of Salvation, will be lost because of Francis. God does not allow Francis to decide for Him concerning the eternal fate of anyone. Therefore, an age of unbelief and clown Popes is simply an age in which many are Reprobates. But they always were. They were Reprobates from all eternity. God has decreed already that they will refuse, out of their own volition, to collaborate with His grace. Not one of them will be lost because of Francis; rather, they were born in the Age of Francis because God has decreed that they will be lost.

5. Fight your battle with determination and perseverance, but do not expect to see any improvement during your lifetime. We don't know how long this punishment will go on. We can do no other but endure it in faith and fight our little battle for as long as we breathe.

6. Realise that this determination will cause you to collaborate with Grace and “merit” (as far as your part is concerned) Purgatory one day. Paraphrasing the famous statement, blessed are those who carry on for decades believing what their forefathers have believed in the face of generalised treason from the clergy. Inasmuch as we can gain merit for ourselves, there must be more merit for carrying on for an entire lifetime in an age of sabotage.

7. Use the possibilities modern technology and the wealthy, peaceful conditions of the West give you. You are not living under bombardments, or in time of famine, or pestilence. Nurture your Catholicism on the endless sources you find on the Internet, buy good Catholic books, deepen the faith in its many aspects. React to Francis by becoming more Catholic.

8. Ask the Blessed Virgin to intercede with the Lord so that your faith may be strengthened no matter what. Resolve to let your faith grow, not falter, at every papal assault. Pray your favourite Saint every day that he may also intercede for you.

9. Reflect that even if you have a very long life, it will be but an instant compared to the eternity afterwards. Whatever pain FrancisChurch gives you, resistance to it is an investment with huge rewards.

10. Think of this every day: nil inultum remanebit, nothing will remain unpunished. All those popes, Bishops and cardinals who betray the faith and die unrepentant will pay the most atrocious price for their rebellion. When their antics enrage you, reflect that God will not leave anything unpunished.

I wish I could tell you that this is soon going to end. Alas, I am not one of those who know the future and talk to you with great certainty about it. I have no idea how long this will go on. But I know that at some point, when everything seems lost, Our Lady will intervene.

Will I see that moment? Better not to become complacent. I prefer to prepare myself for a lifetime of resistance. I know that the Lord above will count it for me, and for us, one day.

Keep the faith no matter what, and expect to die in the midst of chaos. It's the best to save your soul in the Age of Francis.



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  1. I wonder if Pope Francis is using the same standards to select Cardinals as Chinese Communists use to select Bishops? Yes, is my guess.

  2. This is good enough to print. Thank you for it. It is how I see it as well.

    • Thanks!
      I would tell you “please be mindful about the environment when printing this”, but I don’t believe in any of that rubbish, so….

  3. When I was a girl, some thought of me as a near saint. Because I -mistakenly- had no difficulty in considering myself good, I -ignorantly- expected the world to love me.But it bullied me instead.

    Now it is the clergy and the pope who call us -those who are not really good, but who are uncompromising in their love for goodness- all kinds of names. I am older now, and I know that faithful followers of Jesus Christ can never expect to be loved by the world. Especially when I speak to sodomites, they want to kill me

  4. stevephoenix72

    All points very good. But No. 2 (“Resolve to live and to due in your [Catholic] Faith..”) is one I and it seems many are now grappling with:

    We know now the former externals (reliably Catholic priests, reliably Catholic fellow laity, orthodox sacraments, devotions) will soon all be gone: stamped out, driven away. We will be like Catholics in Cranmer’s England or in 1600’s shogunate Nagasaki: alone, isolated, secretly relying on the Rosary and traditional devotions, books, practices, but with no externally visible True Church, keeping to ourselves (“Benedict Option”, house by house). The wondrous days of past glorious Catholicism we knew once—are over, gone, banished, extinct. I take solace in that I know the Church of my father and my grandfather once existed, but thankfully they don’t have to see the pitiably wretched state that has now succeeded it. And that is the future for me and mine. I must accept it, and hang on. “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

    But you and I knew how glorious it once was, at least.

    • But we will have the Internet, which people in past ages did not have; a vast collection of books only the wealthy were able to afford; and the certainly of belonging to the right side.
      I doubt it will ever become as bad as you fear, though.

  5. stevephoenix72

    I hope that Mundabor is correct and I am wrong about the present dismay, the complete spiritual collapse of the Roman Catholic Church that is strewn all about us.

    However, I live in Northern California, and what I see every day is complete moral decay, from the ruling political class down to the common man.

    But you are right that we have the internet, at least for now, and good books have never been so affordable in history.

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