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France Is Not Ready: Say Hello To President Creep

I suggest you abandon hope now that Le Pen may become the next French President. Instead we will get a creep who has basically married his mother with another face. 24 years of age difference. Apparently they met when he was 15 and she 39 and, the times being what they are, it is reasonable to assume they had sex at that respective age. In England, a teacher can go to jail for that. In France, a teacher becomes the First Grandma. Not saying a criminal offence was committed. But again it tells you one thing: creepy.

The French will choose the Creep rather than listening to reason because this Country still has far too many leftists (and even outright Communists) to allow it to look at reality straight in the face. It's very sad, and it means that France (and other EU Countries) will have to suffer many, many more murders before coming back to sanity. It also means that the EU will not be given de coup de grâce today, albeit the EU has already developed a malignant tumour that will not fail to kill it several years down the line.

Brexit will be a success whilst the EU Countries quarrel on debts, monetary politics and refugee politics. The immense, expensive, fraudulent big brother machine that is the EU will be exposed as a failed dream of bureaucratic autoritarian heathenism and, at the same time, German dominance over the rest of Europe. The EU is in the death row already.

Still, the execution will not be today. Too many in France are still part of the problem.

This bubo will have to grow and become very, very ugly to behold before it all ends in a messy, nasty explosion. The French contribute, today, to its further growth.

Congratulation to Le Pen for her well-conducted campaign. I wish she weren't divorced twice, though this would not have prevented me from voting for her. I can't escape the impression that a candidate with exactly the same platform and a different family name and party would have fared better in the second round.

One thing I can say of Macron: with this chap, no one has to fear there will be “grab them by the p@ssy” tapes coming out.



Never Tire Of Winning: Repealing And Replacing Obamacare

I was writing just yesterday my forecast that at some point, Trump would manage to broker a viable solution for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Apparently, in those same hours a new vote was announced, and the new law obtained a majority in the House today, allegedly with further improvements now expected from the Senate round.

Whilst I am confident this will pass at some point, I will rejoice after the new legislation is definitively passed.

But I can already tell you this: where Paul “UniParty' Ryan failed miserably, twice, Donald Trump has managed to broker a solution that satisfies the Freedom Caucus (and therefore us) whilst not losing the numerous Cuckservatives sadly still present in the House. The Art of the Deal, indeed!

Note how shrewdly the man makes the best of what he has (he does not have a conservative majority in the House, merely a Republican one) and achieves the double objective of making Ryan look like the incompetent cuck he is whilst showing excellent skills in obtaining what can be obtained and reconciling apparently unreconcilable differences.

Also note this: Trump seems to always have the end result in mind. In order to achieve it, he will always be able to make partial concessions or sacrifices down the way. But the final objective he will pursue with grim determination.

As in this case here. Trump let Ryan smash his project against a wall. Then he picked the pieces, put them together, improved them and got House approval for it. Trump looks as statesmanlike as he deserves, Ryan looks like the cuck he is.

This will take more time but I am confident it will succeed. God willing, the 2018 mid-term elections will give the US a real conservative majority and safer number in the Senate. Then we will see a further improvement of this law.

Never tire of winning.


Never Tire Of Winning: Justice Neil Gorsuch And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Folks, things are going fine.

Read here a detailed report about the exemplary behaviour of justice Neil Gorsuch in his first month at the Supreme Court. You could not wish for better reassurance.

Stop for a moment now, and think what a threat to the entire Western Civilisation we would have been witnessing now if Hitlery had been elected, and had managed to have someone in the mould of the lesbian Kagan appointed. Not impossible to do at all, with 48 votes assured and no scarcity of RINO sellouts.

The appointment of Gorsuch alone is, quite likely, the defining moment of Trump's first term. More important than even the wall. I can only hope and pray that Kennedy decides to announce his retirement next month (as widely rumoured), and I am confident Trump would give us another candidate just as good: an event, this, also extremely important as it would tip the scale in favour of sanity for a long time. Kennedy proved a solemn disappointment, and I am sure the Gipper has rolled in his tomb many times.

If you really want to dream, I authorise you to wonder about the health of Bader Ginsburg, the now 84 years old non-observant liberal Jewess (I wonder how you can have better credentials as a hater of Christian societies and institutions).

Not wishing her death, of course.

God forbid.

Perish the thought.

She can always retire. But at 84 and expecting two terms for Trump I think the old woman will need a certain amount of stamina to make it through 2023 (expect no appointment if she dies in the election year).

Trump's victory already gave us a huge gift in the form of Gorsuch. More may happen. Actually, it is not unthinkable at all that Trump will appoint three judges during his first term alone. That would be more winning, and even more winning.

Never tire of winning. Never tire of thanking God that Hitlery didn't make it. Enjoy the awful lot that you already have and push together with Donald Trump to enjoy what you don't have yet.

It will not be all roses. But in comparison to a Clinton win it will look like the Garden of Eden every single day.



Religious Liberty And The Trump Way

President Donald Trump is about to sign an order on religious liberty protecting Christians from the Gaystapo.

On this, as on much else, there had been rumours Trump was going to renege on his promises. On this, as on much else, Trump will prove he can deliver.

However, it's fair to say we must all get accustomed to Trump's style. He invites Mitt “Meow” Romney to talks for a possible job as Secretary of State : it takes weeks for the world to understand he was simply mocking and humiliating the poor idiot. He appears to favour Ryancare and to want it passed, it takes weeks for the world to understand he did not want to be accused of sabotaging Ryan and was going for the best possible outcome for him (Ryan smashes against the wall, and can't accuse him of anything) or for the second best (Ryancare passes and Trump has merely helped the guy to get something done). Then we will, one day, have another version, that passes, and Trump will get all the merit for stepping up to the plate and doing the job for the incompetent cuck. Boy, this one is a smart cookie.

Trump has a strange style. He isn't there for the fast win. He doesn't care what you think of him today provided he has his eyes focused on his objectives. Those who think he will be caving in on the wall just make me smile. He doesn't need the funding now, and prefers to eat his enemy one bite at a time. Gingrich tried the total war and lost. Trump isn't acting without thinking. Trump is the “art of the deal”, not the Samurai type.

The executive order on religious liberty will probably not be as though as the draft, though politico & Co. have all interest to cry wolf. But again, what has not come now will come later. It isn't smart to think Trump will compromise what has brought him to victory to please little darling daughter and son-in-law, and all those people ranting against whom got him elected.

At the same time, you must not expect a Crusader or an ideological fighter. Trump is a businessman, not a warrior. He is good at extracting all he can (and some more) when he can, with patience or with vengeance according to the situation on the ground.

The “Trump Way” will not please us always. He will not deliver on everything. He will drive us mad at times (Romney? Really??!!); but there is logic and purpose in what he does, and he will end up doing enormously better than every Clinton, Romney or McCain would have done.

Those who are most disappointed in him are those who have thought “America First” meant brutal Isolationism no matter what, or those who thought they had found the Spotless Crusader. Unrealistic positions both.

Three months later, Trump has already delivered Gorsuch, which is huge, and has taken decisive action in many other areas (from the TPP to the coal industry, from the pipelines to North Korea, from Syria to the Canadian wood and milk; this without counting the executive orders battled by absurdly politicised judicial activists). The future already looks much different than if Hitlery had won, and Gorsuch's appointment alone takes care of that.

My suggestion: keep calm and trust the Donald.


Worst. Loser. Ever.

Hitlery Clinton has complained once again that she should have won the election and it was the Russians/Comey/the locusts/ the planet alignment that robbed her of her mega party with crashing of ceilings and all that. This is so embarrassing Breitbart charitably ignores it, but the Buggers Broadcasting Communism have thought they should report on it, being clearly unable to cope with Trump's victory themselves.

It is nothing short of astonishing how Hitlery keeps flogging this dead horse. If she wants to continue her political career (I am sure she wants: donations to the Clinton Foundation have collapsed when it became clear she did not have any power anymore, so if she wants to keep the money flowing she and Billy boy must use whatever political leverage they have for as long as… she can) she should have the honesty of drawing a line under her defeat, admit some innocuous shortcoming, congratulate Trump on his victory, admitting he has won fair and square and move on as an adult would.

Instead, the woman has conceded the morning after the election – after sobering up – and has been bitching against the result since.

It is rumoured she now wants to be the Mayor of New York. The position has two huge advantages: you only need to win the nomination to win the race (something she can certainly do if she can promises enough favours around) and you are lord and master over a huge budget, which means… donations flowing again.

Clinton only goes for almost sure wins. She become Senator in one of the safest seats around. She decided to run in 2008 when she was assured it was a done deal to clinch the nomination, and Obama was just a promising Mulatto boy. She decided to run again in 2012 after securing the Democratic nomination before the race even started, and after Biden and Bloomberg were persuaded or decided not to run. She started with all the unelected delegates, rigging the race from day one.

This is the woman now claiming she was unfairly defeated.

I pity Chelsea. No, wait, she does not deserve any, either.




Making Whopee – “2017 Dumb Liberal Edition”

Her long hair excludes women with cancer; her hands excludes those who are maimed; her voice excludes the deaf; her brains offend the intelligent

Let me look at the pic of this young woman and go all snowflake on her:

Her hair excludes those women who are undergoing cancer treatment; her hands exclude the maimed; her voice excludes the mute, her walking excludes those the women forced to use a wheelchair.

Methinks, her brains offend the intelligent.

In an unavoidable spreading this side of the Pond of the politically correct madness already en vogue in the US, the call has now been issued to “ban clapping and whooping” among UK university student.

Why? It excludes the deaf, dear.

This is stupid beyond belief, and the fact that such jokes are not only made, but are taken seriously among the representatives of the assumed elites of tomorrow tells you all you need to know about how many of these geniuses struggle to find any kind of employment that is not artificially created by a wasteful government: the social workers, enablers and facilitators of all sorts.

It also tells you why well-educated foreigners like yours truly will continue to thrive and prosper in this Country.

As an aside, I invite you to reflect on what the opinions of these geniuses concerning abortion, war, perversion and … Trump will, unavoidably, be. No prize for the winners.

The post-Christian era has created an unprecedented mass stupidity. But the modern stupid feel better educated and wiser than their ancestors, and therefore yap incessantly about their own foolishness. For the record, they are neither educated nor wise, no matter what their useless degree might say.

God bless Trump's plumbers and factory workers, miners and carpenters. They have more wisdom in their little fingers than these idiots in their entire airhead.




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