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The Day Liberals Stopped Making Children

Yep… Again!

The 1 June 2017 must be remembered, surely, as the day the Liberals stopped “planning” any “parenthood”.

Trump’s destruction of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement certainly means – in their demented heads – that the Planet is marching towards apocalyptic ruin. This ruin is certainly very near (though a bit late already: none of the disgraces predicted by Al Gore in 2006 for 2016 has materialised) and at this point there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to avoid the Great Global Warming Planetary Catastrophe.

Nor do Liberals believe that one makes children to give souls to God. To them, it’s all about quality of life on Earth. Therefore, how can it make sense to beget a child in 2018 who will have to cope – if he survives – with TEOTWAWKI?

No, it cannot be.

Surely, they will draw the consequences from what they firmly believe and stop making children.

Or else they are retarded fanatics who don’t believe themselves in their own fanaticism.

Take your pick.


Demolishing FrancisChurch One Sheep At A Time

A Protestant potential convert just made my day as I read his comment about him being encouraged by my blog, though obviously put off by the antics of FrancisChurch.

It is consoling – and at the same time another proof of the Church's nature – that even in the midst of the present chaos the Church keeps – with God's Grace – attracting souls to Her. It goes to show that the Only Church keeps being the bearer of a Truth only superficially scratched by the generation of Reprobates currently running the earthly Jerusalem.

I also reflect that for one who comments, others might be reading and thinking of conversion. To him, or to them, I would like to suggest the following readings:

1. Iota Unum. A fundamental work explaining in details the various aspects of Church Doctrine properly taught as it compares them with the sabotage of the Vatican II era. The link on my own site should be working, but I suggest everyone to buy the paper book and keep it near. Not cheap, but money well spent.

2. Hundred Years of Modernism. A clear, accessible explanation of the birth, growth and apparent triumph (but unavoidable, ultimate defeat) of this most pernicious carnivore plant.

3. The Catechism of the Crisis in the Church. This books also explains, in the traditional question-answer format, the heresies of the modern times as compared to the truths of all times.

There are many other sources, but these three books should be an axcellent start. The reader should be aware that there is matter of legitimate disagreement on some issues (I do think that you should attend a Novus Ordo Mass, rather than no Mass, if no reasonable Traditional Mass alternative is available). However, what the reader will find is pure gold.

A last caveat to the potential Convert: these books – as every other book on the matter – must be read in a spirit of obedience, not confrontation. They will be a wonderful help to people who already have a desire to convert and wish to be taken by hand and led to the complex, difficult, hard, ultimately wonderful land of Catholicism. If you choose not to see you will remain blind. If you choose to open your heart to Truth, you will rewarded extremely generously. If you don't feel you can read these book in order to learn, you must pray more, and pray that you may open your heart to Catholicism, until you are given the grace to do so.

In the midst of very possibly the darkest times ever faced by the Church, souls keep being attracted to Her eternal truths. If I were a Protestant I would shout: “praise the Lord!”. But I am a Catholic, and will therefore say: welcome here, good man. Pray that your heart may be opened to the Truth. Immerse yourself in it.

Say a Hail Mary for me, a sinner, as you cry tears of consolation and joy.



President Trump Just Mortally Wounds A Bogus Religion

The bogus religion of earth and bogus science was dealt a deadly blow yesterday as President Trump announced his Country's exit from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The childish reaction of the bunch of morons elected by the European voters is a stunning expression of denial of the “not my President” kind. It will work in the short term as the morons try to make themselves beautiful with their moronic voters, but it is clearly doomed as reality sets in and the European industrial machinery feels the pinch of costly, idiotic regulation whilst the US industry thrives. Nor is the EU in a position to bully the EU into complying with their environ-mentalist requests as they would do with lesser Country.

It would appear the biggest loser is China, which had profited of Limp Wrist Obama to secure a position of scandalous advantage and will now rapidly lose it even as the US look very closely at their imports from China. But I do not think this reflects reality.

The biggest loser is the new cult of man made global warming, which now lies on the ground with a hole in his belly pretty much as big as the United States. It will never recover, and will die of a slow horrible death as even European corrupted elites wake up to simple economic realities. Watch the narrative slowly unravel as the European Economies are confronted with the bill of their collective stupidity.

Welcome back to environmental sanity, world.

Once again, thank God for the USA.

A great Country in the midst of idiots.



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