President Trump Just Mortally Wounds A Bogus Religion

The bogus religion of earth and bogus science was dealt a deadly blow yesterday as President Trump announced his Country's exit from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The childish reaction of the bunch of morons elected by the European voters is a stunning expression of denial of the “not my President” kind. It will work in the short term as the morons try to make themselves beautiful with their moronic voters, but it is clearly doomed as reality sets in and the European industrial machinery feels the pinch of costly, idiotic regulation whilst the US industry thrives. Nor is the EU in a position to bully the EU into complying with their environ-mentalist requests as they would do with lesser Country.

It would appear the biggest loser is China, which had profited of Limp Wrist Obama to secure a position of scandalous advantage and will now rapidly lose it even as the US look very closely at their imports from China. But I do not think this reflects reality.

The biggest loser is the new cult of man made global warming, which now lies on the ground with a hole in his belly pretty much as big as the United States. It will never recover, and will die of a slow horrible death as even European corrupted elites wake up to simple economic realities. Watch the narrative slowly unravel as the European Economies are confronted with the bill of their collective stupidity.

Welcome back to environmental sanity, world.

Once again, thank God for the USA.

A great Country in the midst of idiots.



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  1. Excellent Mundabor. President Trump is on the side of the Lord tells us not to have false gods before us. If only we had a Pope we could say the same thing about.

  2. I seem to be detecting some sort of Anglo inferiority complex towards the Glorious Roman Continent and its longtime Anglo-afflicted folks, so let’s just do a short recap here:

    ~American movies are a bunch of vines put together
    ~American music consists of Africans talking about butts
    ~American politics is a form of stand up comedy
    ~American school lessons material is primarily reddit memes

    To quote @Jack, ‘The Anglosphere way = Jew banker usury to concentrate the wealth of a nation into a few hands and then build Leviathan navies to grow it and field goy armies to die for it. The Anglosphere is the Talmudsphere.’

    • I am Italian. I know what is great and what is miserable in both USA and Germany. I must say I am very optimistic for the USA and fear that Germany is in self-destruction mode again.

  3. The unproven theory of climate change is a massive Communist fraud perpetrated for the redistribution of wealth from developed Western nations to third-world countries, under the cover of “saving the earth. The terms of the Paris agreement would have legally controlled and limited the use of America’s energy resources. This is straight out of the Communist/Globalist playbook to take away countries’ sovereignty and eventually put them under a one-world government. This scam has taken decades of brainwashing people by the complicit media, politicians, and our very own Catholic hierarchy; fellow travelers all. I’m so proud of President Trump for speaking the truth and draining the swamp, one environmental libtard at a time. So much winning, I can hardly stand it!!

  4. I’m an American. For a long time we have had Europe look down their aquiline noses at us, sniffing at our culture and history. Even Canada pulls out their superiority complex with annoying frequency. Globalists all, and nothing shows that better than this idiotic climate agreement. Present the facts to any mid-western farmer in America, and you would nary find a one who would sign on to such one-sided nonsense.

    We have too long capitulated to this kind of lopsided boondoggle giveaways, too many of us accepted what we were told by our Marxist masters as necessary, the people who have done everything they can to subjugate us to this mess.
    We have a storied past replete with errors, glorious victories, and undeniable generosity toward other peoples and nations, but you’d never know it listening to these radicals.

    How the hell did we let things get this bad. These elites have been in charge for a long time. That’s over now.
    One thing you must say, Americans knew the real deal when they saw it, and Donald Trump had exactly what was needed for our situation and times. We see providence in the man, because his background, temperament, skill set, wealth, and now to our delight, Christian mindset, are all playing a part, and a major victory, even if for the time being, over globalists and godless elites. Thank you Jesus, and may you bless the man and keep him.
    Seriously, we couldn’t like the guy more.

  5. Bravo Donald Trump!!

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