The Day Liberals Stopped Making Children

Yep… Again!

The 1 June 2017 must be remembered, surely, as the day the Liberals stopped “planning” any “parenthood”.

Trump’s destruction of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement certainly means – in their demented heads – that the Planet is marching towards apocalyptic ruin. This ruin is certainly very near (though a bit late already: none of the disgraces predicted by Al Gore in 2006 for 2016 has materialised) and at this point there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to avoid the Great Global Warming Planetary Catastrophe.

Nor do Liberals believe that one makes children to give souls to God. To them, it’s all about quality of life on Earth. Therefore, how can it make sense to beget a child in 2018 who will have to cope – if he survives – with TEOTWAWKI?

No, it cannot be.

Surely, they will draw the consequences from what they firmly believe and stop making children.

Or else they are retarded fanatics who don’t believe themselves in their own fanaticism.

Take your pick.


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