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Nine Minutes Is A Long, Long Time To Be Killed



The video linked above has more details about what happened last night in the once proud Capital of a proud Empire, now rapidly descending to the level of the nickname she has had for a while: Londonistan.

The officer explains that the armed policemen who “bravely” confronted the attackers arrived at the scene eight minutes after the first reports of an attack on London Bridge. Let us call, it, then , nine minutes after the terrorists (we don’t know their religion affiliation still: Shintoists? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Mennonites? The mystery thickens… ).

Nine minutes is a long, long time to be killed. Start counting now and regularly prtogress to 540, and it will give you an idea. What the officer is saying is this: you are not safe. We will arrive on the terrorism attack scene after you have died. But we will try to find your corpse as warm as we can. 

The terrorists clearly were planning with a “play time” before the arrival of the police. First the run on the bridge, then getting out (it’s more difficult to repeat the trick after the bridge, because there are obstacles everywhere: lampposts, letter boxes, things like that) and stabbing people at leisure. Just imagine if they had had explosives.

I feel as if the entire Country was immersed in a kind of politically correct stupor, which prevents it from saying the most banal of things: these are not isolated incidents. 

Jihad is here.      

Many more people will have to die before the Country goes out of its stupor. I trust it will do it in the end, and Brexit will be a great help in this. Brits are more resilient than most European folks, and their will to self-destruct does not compare to the oen of the Germans. However, they have a bigger problem: a reservoir of several million Mulisms now available for radicalisation work. A report last week indicated the amount of “sleepers” and helpers might be above 20,000, with 3,000 ready to die. The report seemed vastly exaggerated to me, but you don’t need 3,000 people ready to die to plunge a Country into daily terror. Four or five dozen a year is all it takes.

As I write yesterday, can’t wait for the teddy bears and the tidal wave of sugary platitudes coming our way. A useful alternative to thinking for those who have difficulty to think anyway.



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