Pentecost Old And New

Believe in the God of Surprises! I am in contact with Him all the time!

It is utterly ironic to see the Evil Clown celebrate Mass for Pentecost. It must be clear to everyone that the “new Pentecost” peddled about is exactly the contrary of the real Pentecost.

The main message a Catholic gets of Pentecost is that of the Holy Ghost descending on the Apostles to help them to more fully understand and fearlessly defend the Truth. There can be no contradiction whatsoever with the Father and the Son. If it were so, Christianity would be the mockery of a religion, even more absurd than the cult of the Mohammedans.

However, the insistence with which Francis talks of a kind of new, revolutionary inspiration from the Holy Ghost is exactly the contrary of what Pentecost was. It is the obvious, open denial of the truth in favour of an “alternative” one, allegedly revealed to Francis and his in order to get rid of the mistake the Holy Ghost and with him Christianity as a whole believed since the very start. The problem with that is that by definition, truth can have no alternatives. Another problem with that is that too many so I-disant “c”atholics are too dumb to understand it or too rotten to admit it.

Francis wants to impose a de facto new religion. The only way to even try this is to give to the new religion the Nihil Obstat of the old one. “The Holy Ghost has changed his mind, and I am the one to tell you because I am in direct contact with Him”, is the clear message.

I am awfully sorry for the Evil Clown, but I will keep believing in the Pentecost of old; the one, I mean, which makes Francis a heretic and a liar, besides an idiot and an evil clown.



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