Wherein Yours Truly Agrees With The Islamists.

The London “Times” had a story today about a list of hundreds British fanatics currently operating in the Middle East, with the SAS tasked with killing or capturing them.

Imagine the fun if many of them are captured. We will have endless litigation about their human rights, the evidence they have done anything wrong, the way they suffer away from their cats, and the like. They will style themselves as freedom fighters. The likes of Jeremy Corbyn will be delighted to support them as directly as they can.

I trust the SAS will do a thorough work of this. I suggest that the accent is on making short shrift with them, taking them down one by one without any effort of capture. When the USA individuate a dangerous enemy, the clear trend is that they do not send troops on the ground to capture him, they send him a gift from the sky.

In the end, isn't “martyrdom” what they themselves want?

Make them happy, say I. Fulfill their wish. Grant them their greatest desire.

You see? We can find common ground with our enemies…



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  1. Had a good homily on the congruence of God’s justice and his mercy today. (Yes, some priests do know that mercy cannot be separated from justice.)

  2. Bill Fleetwood

    Sound logic! It is doubtful if any liberal “mind” will grasp it.

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