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Fake News Insanity Must Stop

Former FBI Directory will testify today before the Senate, but the written statement has already been given to the press.

The statement is pretty much 100% (let's say 99.5%) of what Trump had already stated, with some little differences concerning nuances and individual perceptions.

Not later than Yesterday the CNN was anticipating that Comey would contradict Trump on key elements (whether he was put under pressure and whether Trump was under investigation). Somewhere I even read Comey's statements would be “the first step towards impeachment”.

It was all a huge soap bubble, and it exploded today.

I wonder when the infamous US MSM will stop this anti-Trump craze and start publishing real news instead.

This is now beyond parody, and firmly in the realm of insane propaganda.


Talking Red Hats

Now available with integrated microphone



Cardinal Sarah has given another interview criticising those who criticised the once silent (but now talking a lot) Pontiff Emeritus for writing the introduction to his latest books.


These people write books and introductions, give interviews and lectures. They tweet and Facebook and do all sort of media things.

They only thing they absolutely won't do is… their job.

There is heresy ongoing from the very top. There is a huge Argentinian elephant in the room. Writing vaguely conservative books is not good enough.

Cardinal Sarah cannot hope in any credential of “conservatism” or “orthodoxy” until he starts doing his job and condemns Amoris Laetitia. All this book-writing and interview-giving is a pathetic attempt not to do the only thing he has to do now.

The same goes for Burke, Caffarra, & Co.

As I write this there is no Cardinal who has not deserted Our Lord. Not one.

But hey, they write and talk a lot.



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