Nigerian Troubles

The Evil Clown has given an ultimatum to the Nigerian priests who, since 2012, have refused to accept their Benedict-appointed new bishop: either they solemnly promise allegiance to him or they will get rid of their job.

I do not know enough of African matters to know whether this long confrontation is to do with orthodoxy or tribalism. However, I can tell you this: if it is to do with tribalism it is a shame that priests be concerned about tribal matters even as they shut up about Amoris Laetitia and the other countless scandals of this pontificate. I would not expect from a priest to be in the first line against Francis' heresy, but if these priests are ready to refuse obedience to a (actually, two) Popes for many years in lesser matters, then they should feel the more obliged to do it in the big ones; the more so, as they clearly have the numbers and, reassuringly, no sitting bishop.

If the controversy has been, all this time, about orthodoxy (disabuse yourself of the notion that Benedict appointed good bishops; many of them were simply atrocious), then it is still shameful that as a battle for orthodoxy enrages the elephant in the room (Amoris Laetitia) is not addressed.

Either way, this Nigerian issue shows us that the clergy is abandoning us even when one could hope that they are, for a change, trying to shepherd their sheep. If it's not silence for the wrong reasons, it is protest for the wrong reasons. And this in Africa, which should give us hope with its alleged orthodoxy.

The world should by now be aflame with condemnations of Amoris Laetitia.

What we get is, I fear, tribal controversies.



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  1. They are trying to shut down as many as possible of all what really good and faithful is. See this also. (Translated with google transled engine):
    Breaking news: The Gospel Superior Higher resigned

  2. Leaving aside the Nigeria issue…. this is a sign of a furious Francis.
    He is not mad as you said, but is going out of self control.
    I was told 4 years ago that this is a well known psychiatric development ( of about 4 years! ) in its final stages.
    I was told that unless the guy steps down before , from his power charge (and of course it won’t happen), a neurological final crisis will occur.

  3. According to the BBC, it is tribal. The priests see the bishop as an outsider, one who belongs to a different clan.

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