Tory-DUP: Stop Dreaming Now

As expected, the hopefully soon to be announced collaboration between Tories and DUP will not entail any back-pedalling on Sodo-“marriage”.

It is certainly allowed to dream a bit at times, but I knew full well this was not going to happen. What we get is a wobbly half coalition which, in its wobbliness, promises to be fairly conservative at least fiscally. Brexit also appears to be rather renforced, as whilst the DUP has reservations about some parts (freedom of movement within Ireland comes to mind) it appears the Brexit fraction is now stronger than it used to be.

However, bar a miracle there will be no victory or change of any sort on sodomitical behaviour, which will continue to be “celebrated” by atheist or cowardly politicians.

You can stop dreaming now. The U.K. will remain a cesspool of aberrant thinking. Our hopes are the USA and Russia. Whatever big improvement we are going to see in the next decade or two is likely to come from there.



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