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Late Conversions?

The horrible tragedy which unfolded in London last night led me to think – as always – of the eternal destiny of the dead whilst the media focuse – as always – on easy emotions.

As I write this, we don't know how many dead we will count. Around 500 lived in the tower destroyed by the fire, but we now know the fire brigade rescued many in the initial phase of the fire and was able to get to the 20th (not only the 12th) of the 24 floors.

A tragedy of such dimensions took place in what appears to have been a “council house” (things aren't called they way they are anymore these days, so who knows), which I suppose (like many others) vastly over represented with heathens and atheist, but certainly also with many good Christians living behind those walls.

The latter (the Christians) certainly had it easier to manage a perfect contrition, and the Lord in His mercy may have saved them from the worse. But as to the others…

how many, who have lived in perfect godlessness, discover God when death approaches? How many, linked to the cruel, false religion of a child rapist in the middle of Europe, have been able to claim invincible ignorance after dying in their perverted cult?

The crude reality is that if you live like an atheist or an infidel you will probably die an atheist or infidel. No, there are no brownie points for an early death. Death is, actually, never one day earlier than God has decreed or allowed. What counts is the state of the soul at the moment of death, and no emotional reporting of the Buggers Broadcasting Communism will change a iota in that.

As always, let us use these shocking event for a sobering reminder: the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night. When my hour strikes, will I be prepared?

Pray for the dead of the fire, and take care that these moment instil in you a stronger desire to be prepared at all times.



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