Canada: The Priest As Criminal

Hmmmm... Will they smell that I smell like the sheep?

Canada is becoming more and more interesting as an example of Nazi Liberal sub-culture. Predictably, this will hit the local church squarely in the face. A well-deserved punishment for the cowardice and stupidity of the local clergy.

As Gloria TV reports, every priest will be assumed to be a potential criminal starting from 2020: fingerprints taken, never allowed to be alone with children, and – astonishingly – with parents legally allowed to assist to the first confession of the children preparing for Communion (I detect the pungent smell of sacrilege here, and observe that, if needs be, a normal grate would do the job admirably; and failing that, a camera without audio; but we live in stupid times).

What this means is that the Canadian Government is treating priests as a risk category; like a man released from jail for sexual offences, say. He might be good, but boy, he is a… a….. priest!! How can you trust those people?

In a way I understand the Canadian Government: the Canadian clergy must be abundantly infested with perverts, and perverts must be kept away from children. I would welcome the sacking of every perverted priest all over the planet. However, the grave issue of perverted priests should never be allowed to impinge on the Sacraments.

One also wonders whether other obvious categories “at risk” (teachers certainly, and then so-called religious that are not Catholic, including Muslim ones; I remind you here that the so-called religion of peace has no problems with the screwing of a girl of nine) are treated in the same way. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't. You never know what Nazi Anti-Clerical Nanny has in store for you.

However, what clearly emerges is this: fifty years of faggotry within the Priesthood have created a situation of such alarm, that a liberal wordly Country now thinks it can decide how the Church administers the sacraments.

Well done, Canadian fag priests and their enablers. Well done, effeminate Canadian clergy. You are now all potential pedophiles. Can't say you don't deserve it. Can't say I think differently, either. You smell like the sheep, and must be kept at distance.

I want you to know I am not sad about this at all.



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  1. If only government bureaucrats and so called educators of children were wiling to admit that they are not less perverted than the priests! Ontario sex ed has been written by a convicted paedophile Levin, and no amount of protest by parents helped overturn it. Now we have a law threatening with jail for refusal to use new gender pronouns, We are told to celebrate the alleged courage of a father of seven children, who pretends to be a little girl.

    A society lacking in basic trust between people is a degenerate one. The fool Trudeau can’t stop repeating: Diversity is our strength! He is incorrect and moronic, as he constantly wraps himself in the sodomite rainbow. Diversity of perverts and fools he favours so much, is the undoing of our culture and civilization.

  2. Your facts are wrong.

    It isn’t the Canadian government that’s mandating this. The Archdiocese of Montreal is behind this and it only affects Montreal priests. This isn’t Canada-wide.

    It would be illegal/unconstitutional for the government to do this.

    Look it up.

  3. A parent present in the confessional? Are they mad? Wonder if the SSPX will comply. Things are getting bad fast.

  4. Read Michael O’Brien’s “Eclipse of the Sun” ( Set in Canada, it is eerily prescient about this very topic.

  5. As a Canadian I am deeply saddened by this – but I will maintain my peace. My FSSP priest told me in confession this morning: “you can’t change him (speaking of Francis) but don’t let him change you.” Good advice. We must pray for these poor priests – there are some good among them – but always keep our charity and our peace – if we act or speak in an uncharitable way they WIN.

    That said: Satan has such influence in Canada it amounts to oppression. We have many Catholics here, in government and out, who have lost the Faith. This is my punishment, my specific punishment/trial/suffering that God has planned for ME from all time. I must live it. And I must see that if I live it in charity my reward will be great in Heaven.

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