Perversion Is Never Consistent With Catholicism, Decency Or Common Sense

Pity Nancy Pelosi, old botoxed hag marching towards hell with a very solid faith in her divinity. As to the others, perhaps a couple of words are in order.

Firstly, Catholicism has never said that homosexuality is compatible with anything. On the contrary, Catholicism has always maintained that homosexuality is a sexual perversion, and not one iota will ever change in Christ's and the Church's teaching. Therefore, when the old hag claims that homosexuality is compatible with Catholicism, she is saying that Catholicism is a fraud and she does not know jack of Catholicism. She is, therefore, being stupid twice.

Secondly, I wonder whether there are still people who believe in basic decency in Washington or among Democratic voters at large. If you come to the point of thinking that sodomy is in any way normal, it is clear that your mind has already been perverted to the point of not seeing the stench and the filth of sexual perversion. And yes, the two go hand in hand, because it is impossible to be disgusted by sodomy and still think that homosexuality is compatible with anything different from a perverted mind.

Thirdly, these people just forget plain common sense. They think the human brain has worked the wrong way until their own botoxed mug appeared on the scene. Even the Bolscheviks loathed homosexuality, and the Gospel had nothing to do with it. It was just plain thinking, of which even those people were capable.

Pity the old botoxed hag. So old, so vain, so stupid, and such a damn fool.



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  1. The LGBT parade takes place tomorrow here in Paris. Very few people think there is anything wrong with that. Such is Paris today. However, I happened to be in the Church of the Miraculous Medal this afternoon where the faithful were fervently praying. It’s like being on another planet.

  2. You are correct. Unfortunately, I have witnessed it. When a person is not disgusted by sexual perversion, it is safe to assume that the person’s brain is no longer functional.

  3. Brain dead and their souls are in big danger. France is finished. when a nation lost its sanity of morality there won’t be existed any more.

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