Cardinal CockLovingErio?

Who will, who will then be the Cardinal who abetted the homo orgies of his own trusted Monsignor in the same building of the CDF?

We don't know. 'Course we don't. We don't take part in homo orgies, do we now?

However, this Cardinal – whoever he may be; and who will he be, one wonders? – must perforce be a damn fag so much smelling of dirt that his sheep must smell him from the Castelli Romani! Francis will be so pleased at his man carrying with him such a fashionable fragrance. They can them fudge packers for a reason after all.

We don't know who this Cock living Cardinal is. But what we know is that there is a pretty notorious Cardinal who might well be him.

Who, you will ask?


Ah, dear readers, don't be so curious! Don't you know that many of these Cardinals are either homos themselves, or blackmailed by the homo lobby because of indiscretions in their private lives, or are just too terrified to go against Francis and his rainbow-coloured minions?

Can't wait for the same revelations happening about, say, Monsignor Ricca.

We know who his “Cardinal” is.



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  1. Uh, a little proofreading, please.

  2. The hordes of Homogoglio have been unleashed:

    Sodomite clergy are roaming Rome looking for victims. Watch you rear ends tourists! No cock is safe these days of apostasy.

  3. ilovevictoriasbows

    I’ll take ‘Smelling of dirt’ for $400, Alex. Who is ‘Cock’ opalmerio

  4. Tell me with who your friends are and I’ll tell you who YOU are.
    “Who am I to judge”
    Eat your words , Bergoglio !

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