Cardinal Pell, Settling The Scores, And The Statute Of Limitation

Thought I would post this here...

In another very eventful day, Cardinal Pell was forced to leave his post and fly back to Australia to defend himself from charges of boys molestation.

I take these charges cum grano salis. Two men apparently allege that the Cardinal touched them inappropriately in… the Seventies. Unless the two have been frozen shortly after the alleged facts and have been thawed very recently, I would take such accusations with great, great care.

Not, mind, that I consider Pell above suspicion. It is merely that in my eyes this thing of criminal proceedings for alleged facts of the Seventies has to stop, and it has to stop in any case; unless it is for genocide or, just perhaps, multiple murder.

Statutes of limitation exist exactly to avoid easy abuses like the one we might be confronted here; and in any case it is very reasonable to say that he who has shut up for forty years, including at least three decades of adulthood, should now forever hold his tongue; too many nameless priests have already had their lives ruined by people imagining, or pretending, to remember episodes many decades later. Madness, says I. Let us learn from civilised countries like Italy (last time I looked at least) and let us put an end to this nonsense.

My gut feeling (which might be wrong) is that someone is trying to settle scores with Cardinal Pell by slinging dirt at him; and not finding anything of KO value, has recurred to the easily trumped-up accusations of people in their forties. What a coincidence, huh? As we all know, some of the dirt will stick anyway.

Imagine how easy would be to make such accusations against Burke, Caffarra, or Brandmueller. Some old fag willing to state he thinks he remembers he was molested et voilà, the reputation is gone forever.

But even if I am wrong, and Pell is guilty, and obviously a fag or a perv, the statute of limitation should apply anyway. We are sliding into witch hunt land, and this makes it too easy to target good people.



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  1. You hit it with “the statue of limitation is gone” Strange … very strange that not one attorney has thought of it as the defense. There is no case for the recently defrosted ones.

    • In many Countries nowadays the statute of limitation does not apply to cases of child “abuse” however defined.
      In my youth it was limited to cases like genocide or the like.

      The Nazi madness surrounding child abuse (which has been very useful to bash the Church) has created a monster.

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