Cardinal Mueller Deservedly Kicked Out

Light indeed

Cardinal Mueller's time at the head of the CDF has finally come to an end.

Can't say I am sad, or that the sack was undeserved.

Cardinal Mueller, never a paragon of orthodoxy himself but certainly fairly orthodox when compared to the Evil Clown, has presided over the most terrible pronunciations of various kind of a Pope, ever, and all he could do was to say in various ways “nothing to see here” or “heresy publicly proclaimed should be read as if it weren't heresy; because you see, otherwise it would be heresy”.

What has his cowardly silence got him? The sack. As it was clearly foreseeable.

I have had enough of people who, with their silence or cowardice or cover-up, help Francis to confuse the faithful. They are nothing more than a writing on the tin that says “this bleach isn't poisonous if drunk in the proper way or if you pretend it isn't bleach”.

Let Francis appoint a full-fledged idiot who will do his bidding to the end. It will be much easier for even the simplest Catholics to recognise truth from lie. Francis will propel himself against a wall of heresy and shame, because left to his devices he is just too darn stupid to do things in a subtle way.

We must welcome the dismounting of whatever alibi this ridiculous Curia still has. Let them do things their own way. They will expose themselves as heretical faggots in no time.

Good Riddance, Carninal Mueller.

Your yogurt was never any good anyway.


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  1. Hasn’t Clown-the-intellectually-lacking-and-ethically-retarded-uniter-of-the-irreconcilable told us that doctrines divide? This much he understands – We can’t all be ONE, mingling in this progressing orgy of stupidity and depravity he so loves and invites, when the atavistic ‘doctrine of faith’ casts a gloomy, depressing and unwelcoming shadow over the fun party.

    Cardinal Mueller had his chance to say YES for YES – Clown Bergoglio, you are pathetically arrested in development, unfit to be a priest, let alone pope, you are a liar, a heretic! Get out of Christ’s Church!
    Yet he didn’t, so that in short time now all faithful Catholics (the dangerous extremists and haters) can unequivocally and definitively be named heretics. Bravo!

  2. “….will do his bidding to the end” Yes. And the end is not far off. Help us, Lord, to persevere. Thank you for Our Lady’s coming to our world to help. We are sorry that he who doth not hold ….. is not holding away the evil from us, and, does not listen to the Queen of Heaven. How long, O Lord, how long…?

  3. Jorge’s got a big billionaire group behind him, and they’re in a hurry. Many of them are old and want to see the Church destroyed with their own eyes. Of course this guy is a Modernist, sitting on the board of bringing womyn in as Bishops, which of course is already rubber stamped. I don’t care what he proposed that was orthodox in 1978, etc., he’ll do as he’s told I’m sure.
    Muller tried to play the middle. Worked for a while, but, Jorge’s just doing what he’s wanted to do for a while. It never works permanently. Now he’ll just faaade away.

  4. “Bishops” read “Deacons”. Bishops are for next year’s Synod.

  5. Today,[July 1- Canada Day] the bishops consecrated Canada to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    This comment of mine is not a non-sequitar to this post. With everything that is going on, we need Our Lady’s protection. Of course, in addition to this consecration, the bishops would also speak out against what Francis is doing…

    But I guess there is only so much kittens can do. …

  6. I realized my spelling mistake only after I posted it- ….Note to self: check spelling before hitting the post button.

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