Perverts Under The Sun And The Anti-Midas

Hhhmmm... It is good that they didn't invite me after all....

Let us come back to the episode of the Cocaine Fag Partying Monsignor recently arrested in the very old building of the Sant'Uffizio (the old CDF of when they believed in Catholicism and had therefore much more to do).

How do you keep secret, in a place like the Vatican, perverted orgies with drug consumption?

You don't. You simply can't.

Therefore, the very reasonable assumption here is that such parties were the object of whispers of various kind, and the Cardinal who supported the arrested Monsignore is either a pervert like him, or too afraid of the perverts' lobby, or just too dumb to be a Cardinal. Albeit I much favour the first hypothesis.

However, I would like to make two other considerations:

1) For something like this to happen, much more must have been going on for a long time. The impudence of Monsignor Fag's behaviour is not born overnight. It grows slowly, nurtured by many years of complicity and silence and, very probably, the protection of powerful Cardinals.

The rot in the Vatican must have biblical proportions. Obviously, and very much in character with the rest of the man, Francis joked about the existence of the “gay lobby” and asked whether they go around with the badge. Well they possibly do even that by now, you lewd old nincompoop.

2) Nothing really happens by chance. It is difficult to imagine that the Vatican Gendarmeria has not known for a long while that drugs 'n fags were part of the menu in Vatican palaces. Is one, therefore, so far off the mark thinking that there are still some people in the Vatican with some sense of decency, and who decided that something must be done irrespective of how Francis might punish the “culprits” not of the deeds, but of exposing them?

Someone should watch the movements of the upper echelons of the Vatican police. Before you know, it could be run by Father Rosica or Father Martin.

3) Hopefully no one will say that “good Francis” is draining the swamp. Not only Francis is the swamp, but he has exposed himself on this a tad too often, for example with the episodes of “Don Mercedes” and of the Chilean bishop (no time to check names now ; do your homework).

Perverts run under the sun in the Vatican, many of them certainly in clerical habit. They grow so impudent that they think the Vatican palaces the best and safest placed for drug-propelled Fag Parties. All this has, of course, begun many years ago, but there can be no doubt it has become worse under Francis.

Francis is the anti-Midas. Whatever he touches turns to shit. There is absolutely nothing in which he is not a total disaster.



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  1. Keep on shedding light on them, Mundabor. There is not much else we can do.
    When a few years ago I mentioned to my (recently departed) Father that priests do this, and that the Vatican is not eager to properly address this huge problem, he refused to hear it – “You should stop giving credence to liars who are the enemy of the Church! I will not let you smear the Church in my house!” He is Polish, and in Poland things can still be pretty normal.
    My Father was a very honest man. a Catholic. He followed all teachings of the Church, for which Bergoglio would certainly call him a rabbit, as some of our ‘Catholic’ relatives did. Before he died an old man, he began to realize the depth of his naivete.

    Now even little children ‘educated’ in Catholic schools under the UN-Bergoglio enforced sex-education could teach this father of five many lessons, The biggest of them all seems to be in how to do progress, how to… evolve backwards, until we are stupider than beasts.

    These “princes of the Church” have despised good people! They have abused us, used our faith and our trust against us!I find it very hard to forgive them, but I know I should, should they repent.

    • My grandmother, mother of ten and widowed when the tenth was two months old, told me before she died in 1976 that she used to hear rumors of priests living filthy lives and she did not believe them but, she said, “Now I do.”

      That was forty years ago. Mundabor, you don’t want us to put faith in prophecies that God will soon intervene and somehow clean up this mess for us, and you are right because the disappointment each day when it doesn’t happen is gut-wrenching.

      However, we in America watched the election turn almost miraculously on November 8th; no, it was a miracle.

      We can ask that Our Father will do it again for His Church.

      We can ask.


  2. PF is a part of this homo gang too?

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