CDF: Francis Officially In Full Maduro Mode


“Yes! I am THAT stupid!” 


The Evil Clown has appointed a Jesuit who believes that everyone will be saved as the new head of the CDF. 

Can’t say I am sad. Actually, I was hoping for a bomb like this one. 

Whilst some among the lesser endowed in the cerebral department might have believed that if Mueller is fine with Francis’ heresies, perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much after all, anyone who shows any kind of belief in this heretical tool will be able to be insulted without any hesitation; nay, he will out himself as a heretic with his very words.

Francis is now in full Maduro Mode. Once again, his stupidity has prevailed over whatever prudence has remained. He will stage such a spectacular road crash that any element of doubt will be forever removed from the mind of everyone who is not an obdurate enemy of Christ, or a heathen choosing to believe in a novel religion because it is easier for him than to defend Christ.

Also importantly, the Curia will lose face to such an extent that it will become more and more difficult for the SSPX to talk “reconciliation”. Mueller might still have been seen as an halfway acceptable partner. This one will have the SSPX delegates vomiting at his mere sight.  

This is a Jesuit double-whammy. Who, with a brain in his head, will ever trust them? 

Can’t wait for the two idiots’ next works:

Fornicationis Laetitia

Sodomitici Connubii

Ecclesiam Diaboli 

& Co., & Co. 

Thank you, Lord, for making everyone’s discernment so easy. 

Remember, folks: oportet ut scandala eveniant. It is much better for sincere Catholics that this bubo explodes and forces everyone to confront its stink, than to have it growing and growing as the weak and stupid try to persuade themselves it is nothing so bad after all. 







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  1. I agree with you. The appointment is just another opportunity for clarity of thought.

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