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CDF And CINO Nonsense

Waiting in terror for the next encyclical letter...

I am utterly amused at reading around the usual, professional plate-lickers wannabe conservative journalists describe the new choice of the Evil Clown for the CDF (no idea whether the press will end up calling him Ladaria or Ferrer or both) as a “conservative” one. It cannot even be Pollyannism. It must be willed deception.

Look: Francis has been insistently, tirelessly insulting the “doctors of the law”; the “rigid”, “inflexible” clergy and laity and, in general, all those who do not support his heretical agenda. What on earth leads one to believe that he would choose exactly one of them to replace Müller?

If Francis' “rigidity” remarks had been only a very rare events one could, with a great effort, have had at least some hope that the man has interest in spreading nonsense himself whilst caring that a solid CDF chief keeps him out of trouble. But this is exactly what is not happening.

Firstly, Francis has stated on dozens of occasions what “qualities” a CDF chief should have. Secondly, the utter cowardice and complete silence of his Cadinals (even the meowing ones, of course) have persuaded him that… there is no need for prudence! Clearly, and bar some kind of miracle, he will not be challenged by his Cardinals; not now, and not ever.

After AL has remained unchallenged, there is nothing in his way to produce documents even less ambiguous in their heretical thinking. The downside is some more meowing at the most, and more than likely not even that (if the Four Cardinals dare to express more Dubia after the next encyclical I am afraid I will not be able to stop laughing for days).

It is utter nonsense to think that Francis may even consider the appointment of anyone but the most docile instrument of his destructive ideology. The evidence for this is overwhelming, utterly devastating.

To say that Ferrer is in any way, shape or form is pure nonsense, utter propaganda; it is Fake News, fake “c”atholic way.



Cardinal CockLovingErio, Part II

Meet the Cardinal

And it came to pass the identity of the Monsignor who lived in the splendid apartment at the Vatican and hosted drug-fuelled homosexual orgies was revealed: the delicate flower is Monsignor Capozzi, very unfortunately Italian, from Salerno, and an unworthy priest for more than two decades.

I doubt he will be even defrocked, much less receive a hard jail sentence. He might, in fact, receive the “smell of sheep prize 2017” for his tireless work in defence of sodomy.

But who is the Cardinal who protected him? How can such a man defend himself from the accusation that he knew all of his Monsignor's activity and either supported him in that, or was forced to give the man the splendid apartment, the luxury car, and the closing of both eyes out of sheer terror of what the Gay Mafia would otherwise do to him?

You guessed it right: he is no other than Cardinal CockLovingErio; who, several days after the bomb exploded, is not even thinking of resigning, nor is there any rumour he might do so.

At this point it is almost secondary to know whether said Cardinal is a literar lover of cock or not. His total complicity with and subservience to the homo agenda makes the distinction prett irrelevant. It's like wondering whether Stalin believed in Communism. The practical result is exactly the same.

I can't wait for Father Martin or Father Rosica to be involved in a similar scandal. But then again, will it have any consequence for them? I doubt. They will win the “smell of sheep” prize 2018 and 2019 and nothing else will happen, the usual cockloving Cardinal who protects them will be easily found.

As Francis' papacy becomes a grotesque caricature of a Pontificate, you can be assured that they homo parties will go on at the Vatican, albeit in different premises.

Perhaps Monsignor Ricca will be asked to provide them?



4 July 2017: Making America Great Again!



Clearly not unleashable.

So, will Cardinal Müller, now that he has been very unceremoniously been kicked out, be “unleashed”?

Come on. Be realistic here.

Firstly, the man has shut up when he had the greatest duty to speak. Any criticism of AL now will expose him to the very justified accusation of being a weathervane.

Secondly, the man has already given an interview downplaying his disagreements with the Evil Clown. Not only is this in accordance with the previous point, but once again shows that under that red cassocks no reproduction organs are to be found.

Thirdly, Müller could appear as conservative only when compared to Francis. His theological credentials when he was chosen for the job were horrible (I have written many times about this). This is not a man who can serve as the spearhead of seriously intended orthodoxy. By the way, he was appointed by Benedict for being the editor of his own books, another confirmation that career by incompetence and personal proximity has not started with Francis.

No, what the man will do is what all V II ominicchi do: shut up, promise allegiance, tell the world what a wonderful papacy this is, and hope in some other satisfying appointment. This is the behaviour that brought us to this situation in the first place, and Müller never gave any indication of being part of the solution rather than of the problem.

However, I can guarantee you this: that if he now sneezes when asked about Francis there will be no lack of people claiming that the sneeze is a clear, obvious criticism of Francis.

We are in trouble because the clergy is cowardly, and the laity asleep.




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