Clearly not unleashable.

So, will Cardinal Müller, now that he has been very unceremoniously been kicked out, be “unleashed”?

Come on. Be realistic here.

Firstly, the man has shut up when he had the greatest duty to speak. Any criticism of AL now will expose him to the very justified accusation of being a weathervane.

Secondly, the man has already given an interview downplaying his disagreements with the Evil Clown. Not only is this in accordance with the previous point, but once again shows that under that red cassocks no reproduction organs are to be found.

Thirdly, Müller could appear as conservative only when compared to Francis. His theological credentials when he was chosen for the job were horrible (I have written many times about this). This is not a man who can serve as the spearhead of seriously intended orthodoxy. By the way, he was appointed by Benedict for being the editor of his own books, another confirmation that career by incompetence and personal proximity has not started with Francis.

No, what the man will do is what all V II ominicchi do: shut up, promise allegiance, tell the world what a wonderful papacy this is, and hope in some other satisfying appointment. This is the behaviour that brought us to this situation in the first place, and Müller never gave any indication of being part of the solution rather than of the problem.

However, I can guarantee you this: that if he now sneezes when asked about Francis there will be no lack of people claiming that the sneeze is a clear, obvious criticism of Francis.

We are in trouble because the clergy is cowardly, and the laity asleep.




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  1. We’re in trouble because the clergy is cowardly and dirty and the laity do not care.

    So how do I write Coccopalmerio and Pinto and tell them what they have done to us? Aquinas says to correct a prelate as if he were your father.

    If my father had been like them, I would have talked to him as if he were a filthy old man not worthy of respect. But my father was not like them, and he wasn’t Catholic.

    So how do I write my letters? I’m outraged, and they need to hear about it.

  2. If they knew and followed the truth they would have felt painful and proclaimed that Francis is the enemy of the Church. Telling the truth loud and clear always making enemies. Simple like that. God, have mercy on us.

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