The Mega Concelebration

One of the many madnesses of this mad era is the … Mass Concelebration of the Mass.

I read today of a Mass concelebrated by more than 150 “celebrants”; last week I heard on the radio of another one of more than 100.

Like all the rest that has to do with Vatican II, this gesture takes the faithful away from God and directs it toward the faithful. Look at us, it says. We are such a joyous group we can barely believe how good we are.

Can't imagine for anything to do for all of them but three at the most. Unless, that is, they do stupid things like reading the Gospel in unison, one hundred of them.

Catholicism is being brought out of Catholicism. A creepy celebration of man is taking his place. This is just stupid. It is, in fact, even worse than the mega masses followed on a mega screen one Km away (and therefore actually seen on TV). It is a sort of mass self-celebration.

You may say that we have bigger fishes to fry, but… have we? The Liturgy is the beginning of all things. The state of the Liturgy also tells you the state of the Church.

We are clearly in very, very bad shape.


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  1. My cathedral amongst others was re-ordered to facilitate such nonsense! Sacrilege.

  2. La mia opinione e che 150 e un buon numero per una orgia degli preti sodomiti!

  3. I never expect anything good to be done by these apostates. Having reached that point, they no longer disturb me when they act scandalously or say and do outrageous things, I expect it.

  4. giant outdoor Masses a km away, viewed on Jumbotron — these might be appropriate for papal visits, perhaps, but under no circumstances should they attempt to distribute communion to more than a few hundred close-in.

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