SSPX: Back To Normal (Hopefully) And Two Words About The Future

It's time...

As it is now known, the CDF has recently (that is: when still badly led by Cardinal Müller) sent a letter to the SSPX in which the Vatican states exactly the same conditions for the reconciliation with the SSPX that caused the last attempt to fail. Besides secundary matters, the crux of the question was the acceptance of V II from the part of the SSPX, an acceptance on which the Vatican now officially still insists.

Predictably, the SSPX has refused, and this is the end of that.

One would be tempted to think that the Vatican had no intention to allow an unconditioned reconciliation with the SSPX in the first place, and Francis may well have had this intention from day one. However, it would be naive to think that the SSPX embarked in the new negotiations without a reasonable hope of success.

What I think gas happened is that a not irrelevant franction of Vatican functionaries and dignitaries has been pushing for an unconditioned reconciliation with the SSPX, prospecting to the Unholy Father its advantages in terms of “diversity acceptance” and with the possible further benefit of the now “reconciled” SSPX avoiding calling Francis “Modernist through and through”. Francis has either weighted his options during this time or, more probably, told his people that he was doing so in order to enjoy a more prudent SSPX for as long as practicable. This is a Jesuit, which in modern parlance is synonymous with “atheist, possibly homosexual, church-hating devious liar”. It is, therefore, more reasonable to assume that Francis was lying all the time rather than to charitably imagine that he really gave the thought of unconditioned reconciliation a honest chance and the benefit of a long reflection.

So: what changes now? I don't know because I don't know to what extent the upper caeli said of the SSPX believe – at this point naively, if you ask me – that some small door could still be open.

In my eyes, however, something very important should change.

1) The SSPX should stop focusing on a reconciliation that will clearly not happen during this pontificate at the very least, and start firing from all cannons at the heretical work of subversion we are witnessing every day.

2) In a less immediate perspective, the SSPX should wonder whether the times do not call for a more aggressive leadership than the one of Bishop Fellay. I am not doubting the personal integrity of the Bishop, but one who states that a reconciled SSPX would avoid criticising too loud or too harshly (I have written about it) is just too much on the soft side, and in my eyes not good enough for the present time.

There is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war.

I am not sure Bishop Fellay is the best man to lead it.


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  1. I’m glad Cardinal Muller’s letter brought a screeching halt to the SSPX/Rome reconciliation talks. Everything Catholic that Francis gets his hands on he either destroys or corrupts. He hates all things traditional and apparently wants to abolish Summorum Pontificum. It’s far better for the SSPX to remain separate in the long term to keep the purity of Catholic faith, tradition, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as they have been doing all these years.

  2. Bishop Fellay has been ridiculous believing the psychopath and had not pronounce a word of critics to the Bergoglio disaster, except at the very beginning.
    How could he had been so blind ?
    A lot of Cardinals, Bishops , priests and faithful has suffered this years
    Bishop Livieres died of cancer, after been wildly removed. He was the only bishop in the world who spoke Urbi te Orbi before the 2014 Synod.
    13 cardinals prevented Bergoglio by formal letter in 2015.
    Then, the AL came and in the meantime stupid “negotiations” took place between Fellay and the Vatican.
    Of course this negotiations did not help the 4 Dubia cardinals . Fellay did not care …..
    Crazy !
    Sorry for being that long.

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