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If Francis Died Today

The sudden death of Cardinal Meisner led me – like, no doubt, many others – to think that every day can be the day of reckoning for the Evil Clown, too. I wish with all my heart, for the good of the Church and the salvation of souls, that this may be the case very soon, and this cancer expunged from the body of Holy Mother Church.

However, I reflect that even if Francis were to die today (please, Lord!) the situation of decay has now become such that, in the normal course of events, it cannot be reversed.

Whilst also ripe with the malignant tumor of Vatican II, the 2013 Conclave was certainly less poisoned with Modernism than this one; still, they were blind, stupid, or perverted enough to elect Bergoglio. If the Evil Clown were to do us the favour and kick the bucket, the probability of the Cardinals electing one willing to really backpedal is minuscule. Too many FrancisCardinals are already wearing red for a halfway sane choice – of, of course, a traitor who left Christ alone on the Cross as Francis spit on his face with Amoris Laetitia – to come out of a Conclave. In the normal course of event, we would be utterly done for.

But we have been promised that, at some point, the normal course of events will be disrupted by a supernatural intervention. As we realise how bad the situation has become, we brace for the full collision with Asteroid Faggot and do not expect any improvement to come out of it in our lifetime; but we keep praying that the unexpected may come as we are still here, and may allow us to live our last years in the serene consciousness that the worst is behind us, the bad council and the bad Mass have come and wreaked havoc but are now on the way to defeat, and a solidly Catholic Pope is filling the next Conclave with Crusaders.

If Francis died today, we would still be in huge trouble. But the Blessed Virgin will crush his heresies as all the others one day.




Francis Only Likes Priests Who Are Communists, Faggots, Or Both


Rather predictably, it turns out father Milani, who was a star communist priest in the dark age of the Sixty-Eighter and later, was a homo and, likely, a pedophile.  

As the song says, it’s the same old story. Scratch the dissenter, and you will find the pervert underneath. 

Francis likes both. If a priest has both qualities, he will like him a lot. He will do all he can to keep the customer satisfied: the cohort of fags, atheists, heretics who have elected him and give him his power base, and whose thinking he completely shares. 

What an unforgettable Pope the Cardinals have elected.


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