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Vatican Homo Orgy : Twelve Things To Know And Share. Number Four, Five And Six Will Shock You!!


Spot the straight one (if any)


The twelve things to know and share are here

The mind boggles. 

The Monsignorina was so sure of impunity that he organised noisy nightly parties in a building with other (no doubt: splendid) apartments whose tenants were actually somewhat Catholic.  He was also so confident that he could take massive amounts of cocaine. I notice here that all that cocaine for himself & homo friend must cost an awful lot of money, and I still haven’t read a word about where the money came from. It is not unreasonable to suspect that embezzlement on a vast case might have taken place. 

Then we have the way CockLovingErio looks in the entire matter: your obviously homo Monsignor is so screwed on cocaine that he needed to be detoxified, and the cardinal wants us to believe he had noticed nothing? Why the luxury apartment, way above the rank of the Monsignorina? Why the luxury BMW with Vatican plates? How on earth can it be that all this happens and he did not notice or suspect, but actually worked actively to make the fag bishop? 

Then we have the last point: Francis has done absolutely nothing to punish or demote Coccopalmerio. Sheesh! A person with such an acument shouldn’t be left responsible of the doghouse, much less a Vatican ministry!

One suspect that it is not only CocklovingErio that is, ahem, like the Monsignor.

Either Francis is exactly like the Monsignorina (that is: a homo); or he is taken hostage by them and does not dare to do anything against them; or, also likely, whether he is a homo or not he has no qualms with sodomites at all, and will not do anything against them provided they can be useful to him. They can be easily blackmailed, too.    

Either way, the Venezuelisation of the Vatican proceeds at a steady pace. This is what you get when you elect a south american stupid, incompetent, petty dictator as Pope.



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