Scenes From The Life Of An Enemy Of Christ



Read on Rorate the shocking story – even by Francis' standard – of when he forced Cardinal Müller to interrupt a Mass, and a Mass Francis new the Cardinal was celebrating – to have a meeting with him about some infinitely petty matter compared with the celebration of a Mass.

The man is just astonishing. This is even way beyond the realm of the atheist and is a sure movement into the realm of the satanical. Even an atheists, once Pope, would respect the decency and the basics.

But not if he hates Christ.



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  1. After Bergoglio’s first interview with Scalfari, I knew he was not Catholic. I called my Parents and told them to expect something huge and unprecedented. Extremely upset, I waited.

    Nothing happened. Then I realized that Scalfari’s account of the interview was published about a month before I read it. Many Catholics, priests, bishops and cardinals already heard Bergoglio say that atheists go to heaven, provided they do good social justice works, and that God is not Catholic (I know God is not Catholic, but Beroglio said it to mock the only true Faith, to weaken the Church and bring it into union with false faiths).

    Gradually Clown Berogoglio desensitized the world to his mockery of the Faith, and he got the sheeple to embrace his globalist agenda. This seemingly impossible task took him only a few short years.

    How are we to believe that he doesn’t draw sick inspiration and help from the pits of hell? He could not do it on his own. Too stupid.

  2. Yesterday evening, Sunday, July 9, 2017, a talk show host in Colorado, USA, began his discussion of Pope Francis by saying that he, the pope, takes socialist stands in order to help the poor, which does not seem appropriate for a leader of the Catholic Church to do. The talk show host invited listeners to call in with their opinions.

    I called to say that it is the pope’s job to lead people to heaven and away from hell, but this pope not only does not believe in hell (AL, #297), he acts like an agent of Satan.

    I quoted him on abortion (not to obsess), sodomy (not to judge) and other moral issues.

    The talk show host seemed dumbfounded that I would call the pope an agent of Satan. No follow-up callers seemed to be upset, but none of them were practicing Catholics.

    So you, Mundabor, think also that he is moving into the realm of the satanical. You didn’t mean to, but I appreciate your connivance.

    • I do not know whether he is a Satanist, though I have already written that at this point I would not be surprised.

      My pint goes on him being an atheist who has resented the Church all his life and, being a petty man and a boor, now profits to do everything he always wanted to do.

  3. johnfkennedy63

    Every time I see that Evil Clown image I’m amazed. You should have a black velvet painting of it commissioned and send it onto Rome (Santa Marta Hotel).

  4. Every day the bar gets lower and lower.
    Lord, why do you tarry?

  5. I think at one point in my life, some years ago, this would have made me cry. Unfortunately, I have gotten used to the depravity, which is a sad statement in itself.

  6. For a priest to leave the sanctuary after having begun to celebrate Mass is grave matter.

  7. Yes, this is deplorable. Does it say something about the Cardinal? It says 1) he doesn’t care that much to interrupt a Holy Mass or 2) he was and is afraid of Francis. Neither one is a good choice. Francis demands because he KNOWS his hirelings are afraid and/or weak.

  8. I’m astonished (well, not really I suppose) that the Cardinal would allow his mass to be interrupted by anyone, including you-know-who.

  9. I’m not any kind of expert on protocol, but I think Mueller should have ignored him, and any discussion at the altar!

  10. Evil One wrote a master plan and Berogoglio is his man.

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