Francis Blasts Whiners. Catholic World Laughs.

One of the moments of serenity afforded by this Pontificate is when the Evil Clown makes a clown of himself. He manages to do that regularly, so I don't complain in this respect.

This time, we are informed by horrible magazines allied with him that he man has put a “vietato lamentarsi” (“complaining not allowed”) outside of his room in Casa Santa Marta.

The mind, once again, boggles.

The most mean-spirited, whining, grumpy, acidic old git that ever became I do not say a Pope, but probably a bishop dares to put such a sign on his door, blessedly oblivious of the way it makes him look exactly like the insufferable, hypocritical ass he is.

It truly is hilarious. The stupidity of this man does not know boundaries.

If only he were not Pope, he could be an excellent parody of a priest.



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  1. Bouncers have to keep people in line. They have almost infallible power.

  2. I remember his reaction when a certain letter, earnestly written, raised questions about whether the Synod was being manipulated. Well, I believe he did a bit more than complain then! And his Christmas address to Curia.

  3. And as his extreme foolishness is exposed, his irrelevance increases proportionately.

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