The War On Everything That Is Good And Sacred

The disgraceful Pontificate of the Evil Clown can be summarised with the following points:

Dethronement of Christ, and substitution for a Weltanschauung in which earthly cares and problems are the only focus. Francis says we should kneel in front of the poor, but he does not kneel in front of the Blessed Sacrament. He is a South American agit-prop in White.

Aggressive pushing of a strongly socialist agenda of the sort that has repeatedly put on its knees the economy of several Central and South American Countries. Pushed by a person every bit as arrogant, incompetent and outright stupid.

War on Christianity wherever possible, with a strong desire to Muslimise Europe as much as he can. Also, downplaying of specific Christian beliefs in favour of an “everything goes” mentality asking Muslims to “hold on to their Korans”.

The war on everything that is specifically Catholic: the hate for the Sacraments (say: marriage, communion) and every Catholic institution (canonisations, beatifications), the stunning affirmation that God is not Catholic (well in a sense He isn't; in another He cannot be anything else), the denial of fundamental tenets of the faith like the proclaimed belief that it is impossible to live a chaste life; the hate for the Mass, which he wants interrupted whenever he wants to bully one of his men; the hatred for every small Catholic gesture, like the infamous video of the man separating the hands, joint in prayer, of the poor boy (who promptly joined them again, his Catholicism naturally and promptly shaming the impiety of the very Pope); the mocking of the “rosary counters”; the insults to the Blessed Virgin, belittled as a poor naive girl who might have felt duped at the foot of the cross. The list could go on for very long.

To all this we must, for the sake of completeness, add another very unique trait of this Pontificate: the arrogance, the boorishness, the outright vulgarity exhibited by the man at every step: from the chair left empty at the Beethoven concert to the treatment of the FFI, to the way people inside (Müller, Burke) and outside of the Curia (Knights of Malta) are routinely humiliated.

Summa summarum, the man is at war with everything the West holds dear: from the Christian civilisation to our wonderful Catholic traditions, from Capitalism to the Sacraments, and from decency to common sense.

The fact that such a tool was allowed to become Pope is, once again, a glaring indication of how much the Lord is punishing us.



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  1. Let’s fight back with our rosaries. Count ’em, Jorge Bergoglio!

    Seven hundred and sixty six years ago today, July 16th, Our Lady appeared to St Simon Stock at Cambridge (not too far from you, M!). and presented him with the rosary. In the darkness of Reformation Europe St Peter Canisius, a Jesuit I believe, of Holland gave us the “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death” part of our beloved prayer. Two saints from now Protestant nations–giants in the restoration of all things to Christ, Our King and Catholic God!

  2. The Spadaro-Figueroa sewage:

    These are the KEY POINTS:

    Catholics and Evangelicals are united in seeking a number of social changes.

    Abortion is on Spadaro-Figueroa’s list of concerns that bind these people in “an ecumenism of hate” and a dream of establishing a “theocracy.”

    Spadaro and Figueroa are sock puppets of Bergoglio.

    Therefore: Bergoglio is now totally out of the closet with his view of the pro-life movement: It is a movement built on HATE.

  3. An excellent summary———-every word is true. Thank you for giving the faithful so much
    support. Father Morgan

  4. He is totally ignorant of Catholic Culture in general. He understands none of it. The little bits he starts to glimpse, he scoffs at. I guess I will just keep praying for him.

  5. do you have the link to the video on praying and the hands??

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