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The Capsizing Emeritus

And once again, the allegedly oh so silent Emeritus has said half a word, possibly only relating the words of another, which might be interpreted as a criticism of the Evil Clown, and the all-forgiving troops of Naive Army canonise him in life and elect him to Dux Maximus of the critics of this disgraceful pontificate.

Oh, ye of little understanding!

Benedict isn't a critic of Francis more than Khrushchev was a critic of Stalin. Not only they have the same cancer, but they like it above all else.

Benedict has gushed praise on Benedict in two interviews (yours truly reported) and there is no way in hell he can smuggle himself as the silent critic and after going on record as a public supporter. Open words are what count, and these sideways remarks are nothing more than the usual way Benedict uses to try to be a hero of conservatives on the cheap.

He has done the same his entire life. His alleged conservatism was nothing more than a less aggressive form of cancer. His position as “moderate heretic” always allowed him to be part of the V II establishment and thrive in it, whilst selling himself as a stalwart of rose water conservatism with rose water Catholics.

As a theologian he pushed – and published – heretical statements, only more moderately than others. As a Cardinal he played with JP II's novelties and innovations – from the belittling of the Capital Punishment to the Assisi gatherings – without a word of open condemnation. As a Pope he applied a varnish of conservatism to the Church (with Summorum Pontificum) whilst keeping the JP II's tradition of appointment of V II pussycats (or worse) as bishops and Cardinals, even having his own Assisi gathering lest the leftists begin to think he is Catholic. He saw the problem of the homo Mafia and did nothing against it but order that an awful lot of words be produced, then he thought he would resign and have the new guy do that for which he did not have the guts. Trust the Pollyannas to think that he is a spotless hero who committed every single act of cowardice to save the Church from some greater evil no one has ever seen.

I am frankly fed up with the way this man seeks the applause of good hearted Catholics after betraying them all his life. By the bye, I am still awaiting for his condemnation of Amoris Laetitia, and I am most certainly not holding my breath.

I do not want to finish this without two words about the “capsizing” itself. Please realise that Bishop Ratzinger spoke of the crisis of the Church several decades ago, but then did almost nothing to work against it. It is fairly obvious that to him the crisis of the Church is something that simply happens, like flu or cancer. That he may be one of the main carcinogen elements of the same disease in the least four decades does not even register with him. He is perfectly happy with gushing praise on Francis whilst lamenting a crisis that, to him, must be like hail: regrettable, unavoidable, and nothing to do with him.

Have pity for the man. His own boat is about to capsize big time, unless he comes to his senses in the short time that has remained to him.



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