Winning: Trump Ends The Trannie Madness

It has been announced today that President Trump has put an end to the madness of trannies in the army. Not only, mind, in combat roles, but in any capacity whatsoever.

Every sane person cannot but be pleased at the slow recovery of sanity the USA are attempting under President Trump. Not that the event in itself is anything world shattering. A functioning brain should be enough to prevent the situation that Trump he today corrected in the first place.

What is remarkable is the willingness to go against a madness now accepted as normality by vast swathes of the once Christian West.

Another day, another baby step toward ps normality under President Trump. No thanks to all the BeverTrumpers and the fake conservative Judases who would have accepted Mad Dyke Hillary at the White House.

Keep winning, President Trump. And please do not forget all those, like Jeff Sessions, who are your real strength.



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  1. Everyone knows that the LGBT team always wins….so, what happened?!!!!

  2. Notice that Jeff Sessions today announced he’s going after leakers, after Trump yesterday complained nothing was being done about it? Notice this was after a week of the media praising Sessions, a man they were tearing to shreds during his confirmation hearing? Notice Trump has painted the media into a corner re Sessions – bad guy, now good guy – and now guy going after the Democrat holdovers who are the leakers. What are they going to say about Sessions now? Bad guy again? But still good guy because of Trump? This whole episode may be a brilliant tactic on Trump’s part to neutralize the media’s attacks on Sessions – in particular, the Senator’s aggressive actions to wipe out illegal immigration – which were relentless prior to Trump’s recent comments. The media has to find a way to savage Sessions while defending him – they’re heads must be exploding at this point.

    • I am not saying that I am approving the tactic, but Trump has a clear penchant for putting everybody against everybody. Riebus-Bannon–The Mooch is the latest example.

  3. The protests and tags on this are wonderful. It is joy to see the minions of the deceiver suffer. Let us pray that godly sorrow leads to repentance and the cross.

  4. He’s stirring up the swamp so all dirty creatures will be emerged and exposed. God blesses him.

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