The Inverted Papacy

No, I do not mean to say that the Pope is a homo himself – though he may well be, and none of my readers would be surprised – ; rather, by inverted Papacy I mean a papacy which inverts the logical order of things, “'and of thinking.

The Church is meant to use earthly events (happy or sad) and the natural phases of this life to remind you of eternal life. From war to pestilence and from birth to death, but also with to sacraments that mark the rhythm of our earthly journey (again: birth, marriage, holy days, adulthood etc.) the Church indefatigably leads us from the earthly to the heavenly, helping us to live and understand every phase of our path in the broader perspective of our eternal destiny.

Not so in this Inverted Papacy, where we continuously note a compkete inversion of priorities, and the instrumentalisation of everything that is sacred, with a view to pursuing earthly goals.

Jesus is constantly depicted as a pacifist, an environmentalist or a social justice warrior ante litteram; the heavenly dimension is constantly reduced to the earthly one, and the latter is made a paradigm for the former: not being an environ-mentalist is to betray Jesus, building walls is unchristian, the Blessed Virgin is a poor unemancipated woman, and such like rubbish.

Francis has brought the supernatural down to earth and has dragged it in the mud of his political ideology. He seems to enjoy the exercise very much. This does not surprise us at all when we reflect that the man has no supernatural interests at all, and his enviro-commie-ideology based on social envy and social hatred is his true interest.

If you made an atheist bouncer, with a propension for Communism, the Pope, what you would have is a man pretty much thinking like Francis.

If the man were also stupid, you would have one talking like him, too.



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  1. We need to fast and pray for the end of Bergoglio and all modernism. Please consider Doing this on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bergoglio is a sodomite and have heard from southamerican friends that he is, but I am sure he is a communist who hates the Church, Christianism and anything that incarnates order and decency. He keeps goading Europe to receive more muslim barbarians accusing us of being mean hearted and unchristian yet he says nothing about the human catastrophe that is happen in Venezuela, a friend of mine who works for the belgian ambassy was there last week and told us terrible things: famine, crime, rapes in broad daylight… and he told me that Venezuelan catholics are furious with Bergoglio because he is a good friend of Mr. Maduro… Bergoglio always sides with evil.

  3. Agreed. We are in the end stages of being able to say anything about him at all, he is that horrible. At this point, there is almost nothing left to say. One hates to be dismal, but, watching your culture, world, and church go into a death spiral does not inspire one to positivity.
    He and his friends are diabolical, and they are enjoying every minute of this. Remember he enthusiastically said “It’s FUN to be pope!”.

  4. He comes from the fire and from the fire he will return!

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