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Preserving Our Idntity

When I was asked about my religion, I simply used to say “I am Catholic”. This pretty much worked before The Age Of Confusion.

Nowadays, it is not so easy. Whilst I have the impression that most non-Catholic people only get faint echos of the Church of Francis, I am too afraid to run the risk of being confused with one of the Sanctimonious Faggots.

Therefore, I nowadays prefer to say that I am a “Traditionalist Catholic”, explaining on request that “I believe and profess everything that your grand-grandmother would have believed and professed, if she had been a Catholic”. It normally works a charm.

It seems to me that this little insertion achieves all my aims: not only avoids confusion with the FrancisChurch, but immediately conveys to the listener the message that modern Catholicism as he has perceived it from the Media is wrong, because it does not follow Tradition.

As we defend Catholic values, we must take distance from the growing army of silent and not so silent Apostates who call themselves Catholics and are no better than social justice warriors: often perverted ones, and never orthodox ones.

Try it in your private life. You will discover that even people not interested in theology will have no problem at all in understanding the meaning of your statement: a total rejection of V II in general and the Church before V II in particular.

You won in any way, even if they reject you. Because they now have in front of them an example of authentic Catholicism, without any possibility to persuade themselves that Catholicism is not what has always been, but the caricature that Francis has made of it.

It shouldn't be necessary to add such qualifications, but it actually is.

In the time if Francis, not even the word Catholic is immune from contamination.




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