Daily Archives: August 4, 2017

The Stupid Pope

On video... Again!

One of the many ways in which you can see that Francis is just plain stupid is his insistence in producing blabbering videos. It is like having in front of you a child who insists in putting himself at the centre of th stage and tries to attract attention in any way he can. By the way, such a child is not unlikely to turn out a homo when he grows up.

This “Me, Myself and I” papacy is counterproductive even from Francis' perspective, as what we have here is a man whose childish behaviour hampers even his own evil designs. I think the man is not stupid enough that he does not notice it, but he is certainly stupid enough that he does not care.

I also wonder how many people watch these videos who are not already completely sold to Francis' agenda, like homosexual priests and communist or environmental activists. Normal Catholic can't see the man anymore out of sheer visual overkill, and sound Catholics are repulsed by the very thought of the man, much less an entire video.

The stupid Pope can't resists doing things he himself must see are stupid. Like the above mentioned child, he will insist in putting himself in front of you and try to attract your attention. He just can't avoid it, even if he sees that people laugh at him.

Very stupid and rather faggy, eh? no?



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