The Stupid Pope

On video... Again!

One of the many ways in which you can see that Francis is just plain stupid is his insistence in producing blabbering videos. It is like having in front of you a child who insists in putting himself at the centre of th stage and tries to attract attention in any way he can. By the way, such a child is not unlikely to turn out a homo when he grows up.

This “Me, Myself and I” papacy is counterproductive even from Francis' perspective, as what we have here is a man whose childish behaviour hampers even his own evil designs. I think the man is not stupid enough that he does not notice it, but he is certainly stupid enough that he does not care.

I also wonder how many people watch these videos who are not already completely sold to Francis' agenda, like homosexual priests and communist or environmental activists. Normal Catholic can't see the man anymore out of sheer visual overkill, and sound Catholics are repulsed by the very thought of the man, much less an entire video.

The stupid Pope can't resists doing things he himself must see are stupid. Like the above mentioned child, he will insist in putting himself in front of you and try to attract your attention. He just can't avoid it, even if he sees that people laugh at him.

Very stupid and rather faggy, eh? no?



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  1. stevephoenix72

    Mundabor, I was recalling at one point earlier in this pontificate the words of St John of the cross about the need we have to continually break attachments I/we have to so many things.

    That led me to a realization: This pontificate has helped me just to let go of the whole outward, political life of the church, the “fake-news church” —Amoris Laetitae, Laudato Si-new-church-in-a-hurry—and ignore it, realize it is not real; and instead to try to go deeper into the hidden life, the Dom-Gaspar-Lefebvre,OSB-liturgical-life of the traditional Church and of the traditional Latin office (c.f.., or, and to ask to be wrapped in that spiritual cloak, like Elijah’s cloak. An inward St Benedict option.

    Now some will say ‘you can’t just abandon the fight.’ But at this point at least, where I am, in Northern California, I’m completely and totally surrounded; they have all the institutions and positions of authority. To do anymore, if you are not careful, you just end up looking even more and more like a fool and driving other people possibly away from your intention and purpose. Prayer and devotion is the only hope and we can only try to save a few other people in cooperation with God’s grace. I will try to cooperate in saving as many as I can, but right now they are like your donkey, you are right and they’re pulling fiercely and powerfully in the other direction.

  2. He is obviously no brain trust, which is one reason he appeals to the masses. He speaks the language of many people, completely not intellectually challenging at all. But he gets lower than simple language, he speaks in a convoluted manner that tosses in vocabulary that kind of sounds like something, but upon analysis, no.
    He is seen and heard far too much, and yes, he kills his own brand, but he can’t seem to help it, or perhaps, this is what his boss demands of him. He’s already wrecked Catholicism and brought down the moral order, but there is still that One World Religion thing they are working on, and then there are still 25 Muslims in Syria. He’s got a lot to do yet.

    • stevephoenix72

      No, (“…you must be referring to Marcel [Lefebvre]): In fact, there was a great Benedictine liturgist Dom Gaspar Lefebvre,OSB (b., Lille, France in 1880, d., Bruges Belgium 1966) who did an immense amount of research on the ancient origins of the Roman Rite. His lasting contribution is the Saint Andrew Mussel, originally in French and Latin, later translated to English, with its copious notes on liturgical history.

    • stevephoenix72

      Correction, darn secular-atheist spellcheck, should be “St Andrew Missal”

  3. I just wanted the picture of the spoiled brat, tiresome kid but the entire page of busy text. You’re not missing anything.

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