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Another One Bites The Dust: Cardinal Tettamanzi Has Stopped Harming The Church.

It's time, Your Grace...

Cardinal Tettamanzi is not among us anymore. Where he is, God knows. However, there is something that even we can know.

If Catholicism is true, everyone who dies unrepentant of wilful grave sin goes to hell. The metre for what is sin does not reside in his own conscience, but in the Truth that God established. Therefore, believing ourselves the most ardent followers of the Lord will be of no avail to us, if our actions and our entire ideology go against this Truth and, therefore, against Our Lord. Methinks, Luther might have died believing himself the greatest Christian since St Paul. You know where he is now if he did.

Cardinal Tettamanzi is a prominent (both because a Cardinal, and because of his own particular sins) representative of the generation that betrayed the faithful in the most cynical way since the Church was founded. Whether he considered himself “charitable” is neither here nor there now. Whether he adhered to and defended the Truth is – unless he seriously repented before death – everything that counts.

You could put it in a more cynical way and say that if God allows a generation of traitors, opportunists, cowards and outright sellouts to save themselves en masse, then Francis is not far from the Truth; he is, in fact, much nearer to it than all those generations of Catholics warning us of Hell since time immemorial. If even the greatest generation of traitors ever to sell their faithful leads to almost general salvation, we as normal pewsitter are really, really safe and hell does not need to bother anyone whose nickname is not “Stalin”.

However, we know from the teaching of time immemorial that we, the normal pewsitter, are not safe at all. Therefore, the likes of Tettamanzi must be in the greatest danger of eternal damnation, all of them, to the last slimy traitor.

Even among the bad, Tettamanzi was one of the worst. The successor of Martini in Milan, he was the more cautious version of his predecessor, a bit like a strong poison diluted in water. His leftist leanings were so obvious that Comunione e Liberazione (a then powerful, wannabe Conservative organisation) could not stand the man. He was invited to the Sham Synods even if above the standard age of 80, and punctually leant his support to sacrilegious communion for adulterers. The picture is clear then: another sellout and Judas of the worst sort.

Do I wish him salvation? Individually, poor bastard, I do. But he belongs to a group at very great risk of salvation, so we only need to switch our brains on to know that the probability of damnation of the likes of him is very high.

Unless, that is, Catholicism has lied to us for 2,000 years…

and Francis is right.



The Disfiguration Of The Transfiguration

This is Francis in a not too distant future.

Once again, Pope Francis has given us an example of how he abuses of everything that is Catholic to promote his own socialist, completely earthly agenda.

As reported in the website of Radio Vaticana, there is nothing in Francis' speech that reminds one that Salvation is not a given, not for Catholics and much less for everyone else.

His thinking clearly follows social justice warrior's lines: we are, in a way, “transfigured” by the Transfiguration in that we increase our social work effort and blabber to people about it is not really clear what, but something that closely resembled automatic salvation about which pretty much no one has to worry.

This Pope resembles an angry version of an Anglican; in him, their mixture of social worries and unconditional salvation has a further element: the obvious hate for the wealthy, and the social envy whose poison he has certainly carried inside himself since his young years and all the way through his disgraceful ecclesiastical career.

Say a prayer for the poor bugger, thinking of what pit in hell will be reserved for him if he dies in his current state of openly proclaimed heresy and betrayal – nay: hate! – of Catholicism at every step.



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