What Is Wrong With Francis?

The Evil Clown has expressed the desire to meet the mother of the Italian homo murdered by another homo because of his – real or alleged – relationship with a Trannie.

There is enough material here to vomit for a quarter of an hour. Still, this cretin has it known that he wants to meet the mother of the victim.

Notice here that there is nowhere any trace of condemnation of sexual perversion: not from Francis and not from the mother. Therefore, Francis does not want to meet her as a heroine of the fight for mental sanity, but far more likely as a part of the normalisation of sexual aberration this non-judging nincompoop seems to be pushing all the time.

There is something extremely disquieting and decidedly creepy in the attitude of this man towards perverts. It is as if he would surround with as many of him as he can (besides Ricca we can easily mention Martin, Rosica, Paglia and “Tucho” Fernandez as very easy suspects; I leave it to you if you want to add Coccopalmerio, too) and, when he cannot, he would try to be as near as he can to them by proxy, like the young man in love who likes to chat with the mother of the beloved one.

This man is truly creepy, and it might be even creepier that not many seem to notice anymore.

We live in times in which a Pope seeking the vicinity of perverts is not even news anymore.



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  1. This … while the people in Venezuela forage in garbage for food because of a communist dictator and the people in Guam and the Philippines are bent down with sorrow and filled with anxiety as ‘Fat Boy’ threatens them once again with a horrible death by nuclear bombs.

    Not a word for the people of that island and that South American country.

  2. I think a fair number of people think that there’s safety in numbers; that if you hang out with a lot of other people who are breaking God’s Commandments you’ll be okay because it would force God to acknowledge that maybe the problem’s with His laws and not with you. After all, God can’t condemn your whole social circle, can He? That would make Him a God not worth having – these people seriously think they’re masters of their own fate and get to decide for themselves if they go to Heaven or maybe just be stardust, if that fancy suits their lifestyle better.

    • This comment hit me: the ‘safety in numbers’ idea. And it is what we see in the foolish protests occurring in the U.S. right now: the belief that the numbers of protesters prove the veracity of the cause. People no longer no how to think & it is frightening.

  3. Between truth and perversion, his attraction is toward the latter. It is, after all, a periphery. Isn’t he a man of the periphery? Doesn’t he want all of us to be equally obsessed with it? The more perversion he consumes, the more he wants it, the more real it becomes to him, and the more indigestible truth becomes to him.

  4. Pope Francis is making the devil proud.

  5. The false prophet must be a pervert due to his team up with devil who wants all his disciples insulting God by commit the most intrinsic sexual act, sodomy. Most of perverts are obsessed or possessed by demons (evil spirit). Normal, sane people don’t do terrible thing like that to the children. Please God, revenge for the victims.

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