Homosexuality And Sodomy Explained

Homosexuality is not a sin. Why? Because it is not an action. It is not something that you do or omit to do.

Homosexuality is something one is. One is homosexual, paedophile, incestuous, attracted to animals, etc. But the tendency in itself is not a sin.

The tendency in itself is a perversion. The tendency is perverted (Latin: per, which often means “wrong”, as in the English, Latin-derived word perjury, and versio, “direction”.

A pervert has his inclinations and desires going in the wrong direction: towards people of the same sex, relatives, children, animals.

So no, homosexuality is not a sin in itself. Homosexuality is a perversion in itself.

The perversion will then predispose to the sin, and will do so in a very violent way. When the devil has taken hold of a soul to the extent that the perversion has festered, has consolidated its presence within the person, then it is obvious that the devil has taken a strong bridgehead. This will create a very strong tendency to commit acts – with the mere thoughts, to which the pervert assents, or with physical action like sodomy – which are sins.

How strong this is can be observed continuously, when the pervert declares that he is that way, or was born that way. What the man is saying is that his assent to the perverted thoughts has become so strong that he is even unable or unwilling to dissociate it from the essence of what he is, from the way he defines himself.

This is a very strong sign of Reprobation, as it shows that the man is, so to speak, Satan's occupied territory and only God's grace will be able to motivate him to get out from the path to hell very clearly laid before him.

Therefore, Bishop Kohlgraf of (soon) Mainz is deceiving and betraying his flock when he simply states that homosexuality is not a sin without saying what it is and what it does to a soul.


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  1. At the synod of the family, I remember as if it were yesterday, one bishop proclaimed that the proposition to ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ was not going to cut it anymore, because homosexuality is at the core of the person’s identity, inseparable from it, it IS the identity… (I paraphrase slightly)

    Da da! Bishops of surprises! – today we see them Church resident sodomites selling us the ‘GIFT’ of sodomy. This whole ‘language event’ of a synod was something much more fundamentally transformative (to borrow from another sodomy lover, Obama) than they let on, and – clearly – was more self-serving than pastoral (as it was for their hero, the former president).

    We see them, the gifted, on church murals, we pay for their orgies within the walls of the Vatican. Tirelessly they feed the Sodom, as it is swallowing everything up, quickly annihilating even the distinction between a man and a woman. They give us two in one, their Baphomet.

  2. To state that homosexuality is not a sin until it is acted upon requires further thought.

    Consider Christ’s own words condemning men who lust after women, yet never commit a physical action.

  3. Some statistics on the number of people who, by God’s grace, have re-ordered their perverted desires (which often start manifesting themselves around puberty much to the distress of the youngster) would be helpful.
    I don’t include in that statistic the American Mormons and Evangelicals who appear on youtube with their creepy Stepford wives dutifully holding their hands and earnestly talking about how they ‘contain’ their SSA and are re-ordered to heterosexual attraction. I mean Catholics who not only live chastely struggling with SSA but whose roots of perversion have been healed by God’s grace and who are henceforth heterosexual. Most of us Catholics struggling with SSA give thanks to God for the grace to live chastely and struggle not to succumb to our SSA. But if you want to encourage us that Heaven in possible rather than counsel despair – with the Devil’s bridgehead in our souls – give us the examples, the stories, of those holy souls who’ve been healed of the roots of the homosexual perversion itself and who have gone on to live happy, sacramental marriages with their spouses. I know of none. Michael Voris claims it. Joseph Sciambra claims it. But neither are now married.
    Or perhaps you would blame the 12 year old boy that I was for somehow collaborating with the Devil in my own damnation for realising with stupefaction and distress that the sexual impulses awakening me were not rightly ordered but were disordered. That’s a heavy burden you lay on 12 year olds. I’m whole-heartedly accept the Church’s teaching that I am called to chastity but can you show me the stories of those healed of the perversion of SSA by God’s grace? Let us hope that God in His Providence will raise up on his Altars the examples of saints who have trod this path to give encouragement to those who struggle in hac lacrimarum vale. Your fulminations are diagnostically nearly always correct, Mundabor but be careful not to crush the reed and extinguish the wick. You too, must answer to God…

    • You are, very obviously, still attached to your perversion and, whilst rationally understanding the wrongness of it, are clearly unable to realise that you must uproot this cancer from your very being, no matter how big the scar it seems to leave behind.

      This is very evident in your utter inability to condemn yourself at 12; a childish excuse-making, unworthy of an adult.

      The Church teaches that a child can merit hell starting at about seven. At 12, you are very deep in hell territory. Deal with it.

      More excuses still in your – again, childish – demands that I write a blog for you, putting there, after extensive research, what you want to read before finding other excuses.

      I told you what is what, and what the Church teaches. Again, stop being a pussy and deal with it.

      The battle for your soul is not fought with statistics, or real life stories. It is fought with the prayer that comes from the sincere desire to eradicate this cancer out of you – all of it, including the 100% culpable, perverted 12 years old – and no excuses whatever.

      And please stop using PC terms like SSA and making it feel as if it were cancer.

      You are homosexual, and you are it because you wanted it.

      Kick this shit out of you.

      You’re welcome.

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