Let’s Play The FrancisGame!

Hhhmm... I think that actually are that stupid...

The FrancisGame is very simple. It can be played by everyone no matter how stupid.

Actually, being stupid helps a lot.

First, you look good and oh so sensitive by encouraging and calling for a Muslim invasion of the Continent. When your own policy causes poor innocents to be slaughtered you look good and oh so sensitive by giving your solidarity to the victims of your own senseless enmity with the Christian West.

You look good before the massacre and after the massacre. Actually, there's no way not to look good and oh so sensitive.

The game is also future-proof, as the continued importation of Mohammedans will make the first phase more obvious and the second phase far more frequent.

Gotta love the FrancisGame.

The only ones who lose at it are the victims, their families and those who still care for our Christian heritage and civilisation.



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  1. stevephoenix72

    You nailed it. Lump in also our fine sleek smooth-talking bishops, both of Eurostan and Ameristan.

  2. The Francis is indeed stupid, because he refuses to learn.
    When I was a stupid young mother, and my little daughter came home crying – a boy was throwing sand in her eyes -, I told her that he was a victim of his circumstances – I saw his parents pushing him around. I asked my daughter to be kind to the boy, and to share her toys and candy with him.

    She did. And she cried even harder, when one day he pushed her around and threw handfuls of sand in her eyes.

    I learned my lesson, because I was willing to change my mind in face of evidence, and I loved my daughter.

    This stupid ideologue is a psychopath. He loves no one as much as his loves himself and his belief in own moral superiority – even over Jesus Christ.

    Jesus DID tell us to love our enemy, but He did NOT tell us to invite the enemy into our homes, so that they could rape our daughters in front of us, after they removed our eyelids, so that we would have to watch.

    The stupid one DID tell Europeans that as Christians they are obligated to share their home, food and life with the young male invaders also known as refugees. Upon a reminder that some of them were really bad, the stupid one added – the good AND the bad.

  3. Bergoglio’s heretical past is Francis’ present ~A Coffee with Galat.

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    USA Canon Lawyer, Peters;
    “On Fr. Nichols Recent Remarks”:


  5. Yes. And Merkel and Macron and the other useful idiots at the UN and the USCCB love to play along.

  6. I’ve never thought PF is a stupid guy or a nincompoop. He’s been fooling people with his cunning and malevolence that nobody could found out his real wicked agenda that he’s achieved for his evil NWO’s master in which he praises Islam is a religion of peace and totally agrees to allow Muslim immigration to Europe. They will use them to over populate the west and extinct Christianity, especially Roman Catholic Church. He’s the right guy, in right time and at right place for the job that ” Satan’s successes are the greatest when he appears with the name of God on his lips” Mahatma Gandhi.

    • Come on, his “cunning” is as subtle as a fishwife. If he were smart, he would advance his agenda in more subtle ways and would avoid openly siding with his friends (Muslims, perverts, Democrats, abortionists).

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