Long Live The Red Squirrel

You are powerful allies, my little friends...

And it came to pass that yours truly was, some time ago, driving through a part of the Country that shall remain unnamed. At some point, the following sign appears: “red squirrels crossing the road”.

The writer of the official sign (put there by some local authority) did not come so far as to say “brake abruptly and disrupt traffic, or run the risk of being rear-ended, for a red squirrel”. However, it was clear he/she/whatever wished you to drive differently because of the possibility of the oh so precious red squirrel crossing the road. Now, we all know of the plight of the red squirrel (chased away from his habitat from the far bigger, and far more aggressive, grey squirrel). However, really, come on….

And then it dawned on me that the same Country in which you can read such passionate, and quite official, defence of the red squirrel allows 150,000 babies to be killed in the womb, quite legally, by their own mothers.

Does, I reflected, the author of the quite official street sign have a problem with the 150,000 killed babies? The statistically most probable answer is no, she hasn't, nor have their colleagues in the office for local roads and the protection of the red squirrel.

Long live the Red Squirrel. Alas, the baby will have to be disposed of.

We live in time of astonishing stupidity, that will be remembered in centuries to come as the epitome of moral suicide and logic's bankruptcy, whilst we were so proud of our smartphones, drones and communication systems.



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  1. I’m sure pet emporiums are as ubiquitous in the U.K. as they are here in the US. Need dental floss for your dog? Step right in. Soon all that will be left of the “nation of shopkeepers” will be the pet stores, the chemists (where secularists get their morning after pills), and the mid-Eastern restaurants i.e.: “Karim’s –best shwarma in town”.

  2. The self same protectors of the red squirrel are just as certain to protest against the culling of Great White sharks and the culling of crocodiles even though both species have shown themselves to be in almost plague proportions since they were declared to be protected species.

  3. They don’t ‘allow’ abortions, they demand them free of responsibility and free of charge, and they impose them as a basic human right on the entire world.

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