Born The Right Way


This is all you need to know about the “born that way” urban legend that has been going around for some time now, and was never believed by our far smarter progenitors.

God puts in every soul the right instincts and the right inclinations. At times, single individual decide to pervert these inclinations by repeatedly giving assent to, and persevering in, disgusting thoughts and desires. With the repeated assent to the perverted inclination, it becomes stronger. The pervert then starts to identify with it, and the “born that way” rubbish is born.

No one is ever innocent of his own perversion. It does not matter how bad the environment is, one is no less justified in being a homosexual than in being a sadist. Every homosexual is guilty of his own disorder, and he must pray and do all he can to recover the normality that lies in him, buried below thick strata of perverted excrement.

This is what the Church has always stated and not only it is in tune with the rest of Church teaching, but it also makes sense from a pragmatic, obvious, common sense approach to things.

And please don't come to me with the damn penguins, or dolphins, or whatever the heck that is with true or imagined homosexual animals. Penguins and dolphins are beasts. Humans have an eternal soul.

Cats screw their relatives. Can't wait for the “penguin faction” celebrating incest.

As to Father James Martin, some good investigative journalist could do some old-fashioned investigative journalism here. Not only it is as clear as the sun that the man is homosexual himself (he quacks like a fag, thinks like a fag and talks like a fag, so there…), a state of things incompatible with being a priest, but I am fairly confident that it would not be difficult to find evidence that the man actually engages in sodomitical acts, it being improbable that such impious, blasphemous arrogance stops at words.

This Father Martin isn't smart. He may have his field day now, but he is young enough to make it well possible that the tide turns in his lifetime, and he is exposed and defrocked. To get rid of the Sister Martin of this world we don't need Pius XIII; a Benedict XVII who is fed up with the guy will be more than enough.

Beware of fake priests.

Particularly when they have such a shrill voice.



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  1. stevephoenix72

    In the famous Umberto Eco novel, The Name of the Rose, Brother Severinus gives a big tip to William of Baskerville. He says, “Man can be tempted according to Nature or contrary to Nature.”

    The devil works constantly to turn inside out good inclinations to evil, we all know. In the same way,already defective inclinations can be turn to the very worst.

    Finally late-in-life, I discovered the Saint Benedict prayer against Satan, an amazing remedy. But one has to recite it over and over, every time one is tempted. Eventually “Scratch” will run away howling.

  2. A masterpiece. You’re right about cats. 🐱

  3. Do we love Pope st. Pius V, who among other good things, did a great job as a great and faithful Pope, in the 16. century in that crucial battle against the worshipers of Baal…
    We do! A lot! Even more from reason, he was the true defender of the Catholic true Faith in all matters. Also here, without any compromise, or accompanying, or dialogue, with deceivers, seducers, and all other enemies of God:

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    You hit this one out of the ball park, Mundabor. Thanks for saying so clearly what needs to be said.

    As for Fr. James Martin, SJ, I agree that his perversion oozes out of his pores. He seems to make no effort to disguise himself.

    • stevephoenix72

      Father James Martin, SJ, reflects the almost complete takeover of a once-great Catholic order by the rainbow flag.

      Inside sources within the US Jesuits— slightly older Jesuits,that is—state that admission to the order and continued presence within the ‘new order’, requires a wholesale acceptance of the full LGBT Doctrine (those who disagree, but are over say age 55, are considered ‘phase-outs’ to be tolerated and retired). At least one provincial , who is now even higher up in the order , was a flamboyantly promiscuous same sex individual during his advancement within the order. Yet that turned out to be a reason for career advancement, similar to the former Master General of the Dominicans Timothy Radcliffe ( although he has claimed to be chaste and celibate. Only God knows.).

      But, one cannot serve Catholic Doctrine and the doctrine of Mammon.

  5. It’s a horror. Book of Gomorrah says it is “trading flesh for demons” How long can we endure, O Lord … how long… ? We will try to keep going with the help of Thy Holy Mother.

  6. M, you always have the best articles on “faggotry,” very admirable. Having a lot of guts in telling the truth straightforward about sodomites who are spreading errors everywhere now and in control the culture of death and Vatican too, only a very few brave ones to do that. Fr. Martin is trying to reverse what the Catholic has taught about homosexuality by lying and distorting the truth. He knew for sure homosexual act is called sodomy between two faggots don’t produce life for God’s purpose of creation – “Be fruitful and multiply.” Male and female have built-in desire for “other” – not a “same.” Thanks again for re-conforming Church’s teaching that homosexuality is a mental disorder and advising them to pray to God for healing back to normality. Excellent said. Hope you’ll write more about this matter. Thanks again.

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