What’s Wrong With Autumn, Anyway?

At times I struggle to see whether the Evil Clown is using figures of speech of his native Country, is talking the first nonsense that comes to his mind, or is just drunk.

The latest comparison between the people of Spring and the people of Autums is such an occasion. The stupid comparisons the – possibly drunken – man makes to insult us all mean the same thing: adulterers, infidels, perverts, and misfits of all sorts are the good guys. We, who try to live a Christian life and condemn those who give scandal (and even want to be right in doing that), are the bad guys, the (this is another one) chillies in vinegar or such like nonsensical comparison.

I love aceto balsamico, by the way, and make frequent use of it. For everything there is a season, even vinegar, and the season might actually be Autumn.

Someone should take the grappa bottle out of the man's hands.

Pope or no Pope, this one is now way past the point everyone else would deserve to be bitch slapped, big time.




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  1. As someone born and raised in Argentina, I can tell you that What he said is not a typical Argentine expression. Homogolio makes stuff up as he goes. He comes up with these ridiculous expressions such as the “peripheries” or “the field hospital” or “the rigids” and the gullible and sycophants received them as if they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. He is King Salomon of the anti-intellectuality. He is the king of simplistic feel-good improvisation to the pleasure of the audience of nominal catholics, malformed peasants and globalists.

    Homogoglio realized early on that his poorly catechized audience will accept and applaud this impious claptrap, that is not more than what any drifter with a little imagination sitting at any cafe in Buenos Aires would say to appear “smart.” That’s the situation, a boorish, agnostic, senile, snake oil salesman from Buenos Aires has taken over the Vatican; obviously under the sponsorship of more powerful and clever characters.

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