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Quacking Like A Fag: Father Martin’s “Complicated” Sexuality.

Father Martin truly does not want to stop. Like a girl whose sister has just stolen her best handbag, our indefatigable Father Liberace truly loses it.

Let us correct some of the rubbish the man spouts.

1. No, there is no “spectrum” in term of sexuality, as his clearly homosexual friends have told him. People can be more or less masculine, more or less feminine, but in the end they are either normal people or perverts. Tertium non datur. This is not only obvious to any sane person, but is, crucially, what the Church has always taught. There is no “spectrum” in Saint Paul, you damn girl. “Complicated sexuality” means “faggotry”.

2. The man (because he still has a Pimmel) stoops so low as to use the old, abused excuse employed by every homosexual on the planet: if my perversion disgusts you, you must be a latent homosexual yourself. Strangely, they never use the non-argument with paedophilia. However, if they use the argument with others concerning homosexuality they must accept that others use it with them concerning paedophilia.

The question is therefore: does paedophilia disgust Father Martin?

If not, he has obvious, open pedophile tendencies of his own admission.

If yes, he has obvious, latent pedophile tendencies of his own admission.

And please let us stop taking such stupid arguments as if they were worth one dog shit. Leave them to homo psychologists, and ask everyone who tries to use this rubbish with you, very straight, if he is disgusted of paedophilia (or incest, or bestiality; if you are talking to Francis you may throw in coprophagia as he appears to be quite the expert). See what face he makes. Be hard. Don't walk back.

The rest of the article is also rubbish, but there is a moment of involuntary comedy when he states he does not want to change church doctrine, and the evidence would be that a Jesuit approved his book.

Comedy gold. You couldn't make it up.

This man should be defrocked and, I think, one day he will be unless he dies or commits suicide beforehand. Too much he has (literally) exposed himself. He is like Saint-Just, one of those revolutionaries who don't get that they may get to ride a dangerous tiger for a while, but will be in the shooting list as soon as their own kind of revolution goes out of fashion.

Enjoy your moment of notoriety, Father Liberace.

At some point, your arrogance will catch up with you.

Possibly whilst you are still alive.


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