Either Catholicism Is True, Or Francis’ Permanent Revolution.

The Evil Clown seems to think that it is enough for him to put the world “authoritatively” on his latest piece of rambling rubbish and, suddenly, Traditionalist (that is: aurhentic) Catholics will say: “oh well, I always thought Francis a boorish, ignorant, arrogant, anti-Catholic, probably perverted heretic, but if he now spreads his heresies authoritatively then I will have to comply”.

Let us try to be logical, shall we?

There cannot be two Truths, or two Churches. It cannot be that the Tridentine Mass, proclaimed good for all times – with anathema attached against its enemies – by the Tridentine Council, was good once and it is not good now. It can never, ever be, because if this were the case it would mean that Truth changes and, therefore, Catholicism is a fraud and a joke. Heavens, this is so easy to understand even Francis must get it!

To be even clearer : if an extremely orthodox, “Pius XIII” type Pope were, after years of ruthless orthodoxy, to declare “authoritatively” that going away from the Tridentine Mass is irreversible, even then such a Pope would immediately lose all credibility and every half-instructed Catholic would be obliged to recognise the obvious falsity and error of his statements.

But a nincompoop like Francis, does he really think he will put an end to the controversy by throwing his non-existent prestige – nay: the despise of and laughter about him of all sane Catholics – behind the question?

The statement itself is too stupid for words. It attempts to put the Pope’s authority behind a process of continuing change: this is firstly the contrary of everything the Church believes and, to make things more absurd, a blank check towards every kind of future change.

It is, in fact, a call to a permanent revolution (which, if it is liturgical, must perforce involve all the rest: lex orandi, lex credendi) which is as absurd from a Catholic point of view as it is indetermined and vague, though clearly heretical, from a factual one.

The ass has brayed, and he now wants for his bray to be taken seriously.

Keep dreaming, Unholy Father.

We will keep being Catholics.


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  1. The ass clown Homogoglio wants to annihilate all vestiges of the True Faith to serve his globalist masonic masters and then turn the temporal vestiges into a chain of luxe homo bathhouses with Ricca as CEO, Capozzi as Events Manager, James Martin SJ as Chief STD Testing Officer and Paglia as Chief Decorating Officer, as in the gaypiscopalian persuasion. He willl switch title from pontifex to “homobouncerix argentus.”

  2. If one could look into the Role of Opus Dei, one would actually find that they were and are Modernist Revolutionaries, led by the Founder, Fr Josemaria Escriva Y Baluguer, they played a “Yuge” Role in shaping Vatican II with Novelties.
    Fr Annibale Bugnini, a Secular Humanist & Suspected Freemason, came up with a Liturgy Form which has a Masonic Emphasis on Man.

  3. Now we know how Balaam must have felt.

  4. First of all I think you’ve offended the animal kingdom by likening Jorge Mario Bergoglio to an ass.

    Second, you’re presuming Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Pope and not an anti-pope, I haven’t gone back to your past post’s to confirm whether or not you’ve made this distinction. I believe it’s important to recognize Benedict’s status as Pope undersatnding he has acquiesced to the usurpation of the papacy…probably as a result of intimidation and coercion: summed as a cowardice – he should have accepted martyrdom.

    If an anti-pope utters “clap trap” what would you call it?

    A popular expression when I was in the world of corporate amerika applied to verbal utterances that were best describe by applying a term descriptive of a brown excrement associated with, yes – members of the bovine class but more particularly with bulls was ah,…..so as not to offend the bovine family I’ll provide the corporate nuanced phrase “verbal dirrahea.”

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio has a case of “verbal dirrahea”

    I think someone should send a case of Immodium to Jorge Mario Bergoglio…maybe he’ll get the hint. I wish the cure was that simple.

    Don’t think Jorge Mario Bergoglio is dreaming although he might be our nightmare. I think he’s envisioning.

    He’s just articulating his vision and revealing his preconceived means to implement the his rather diabolical agenda items…..

    Keep the pithy posts coming….do you take lessons from Anne Barnhardt?

    God bless!

  5. Maybe this was the public ‘slip-up’ the Cardinals were waiting for. The formal correction must now be issued without further delay & this papacy ended.

  6. Hey Mundabor….how long does it take you to moderate a comment…..at this rate Francis will have probably “brayed” again leading to more critiques and ensuing commentary.

    As they say in Puerto Rican: “¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!”

  7. Please accept apology for the shoot from the hip comment….

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