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Words Mean What They Say

Imagine this: you have the parish priest visiting your home (I know, I know; but humour me here…). You ask Father to bless your home and family. Father then proceeds to say a blessing prayer, asking God to bless all the world's families and their homes.

I don't think you would be very happy. Actually, I do not think that you would say that the priest has asked the Lord to bless your home and your family. I note here that, once upon a time, most Italian families had a small frame hanging on the wall, with the words: “Signore, benedici questa casa”.

Questa casa, this home. Not ogni casa, every home. You want the Lord to bless you and yours, because you and yours are, to you, justifiably special.

Now, I have never seen a frame on the wall saying: “Lord, bless every home”. Nor have I ever seen a Catholic priest who, upon being asked to say a blessing upon one home and family, proceeds to ask the Lord to bless every home and every family.

Do I make sense here? Is this not the most obvious common sense?




Why, then, it should be said that, once the Blessed Birgin asked to consecrate Russia to her, the consecration of the entire world should be considered the fulfilment of that request?

Words mean what they say.

This home means this home.

Russia means Russia.

All the rest is Jesuitism.



Official: Warrior Ants Get To Francis’ Nerves.

Brothers from another mother...

And it came to pass I was informed from the Remnant about the real nature of the savage rants of the papal men (and, in some cases, women; though apparently they prefer not to speak about their own sexuality) against conservative Catholics.

No, it's not the rumbling people in the pews, at least not directly. It's not even the conservatively oriented priests, as much as a V II priest can call himself “conservative”. Let us read:

“But certainly, we see the multiplication of websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts that tend to move public opinion and react in lively and often in a violent and fundamentalist way. These realities create a bubble within themselves…It is found everywhere. I do not say it is a majority phenomenon, but it is something that is present in the life of the People of God today.”

No. It's all those pesky bloggers, the Blessed Virgin's warrior ants, assaulting heresy one blog post at a time, no matter how little read. You put all the warrior ants together, and they are enough to easily peeve our already easily peeved Jorge “Che” Bergoglio.

As I have written many times, every warrior ants on its own is utterly insignificant; but together, they can be rather formidable. Whilst not millions, they will shape the impressions of millions; because every confused Catholic who goes around on the net seeking for information about the latest Communist papal rant will find… us.

He will find the thousands of utterly insignificant, but absolutely angry Mundabors opening the guy's eyes about the times in which he is living. The guy will possibly not become an observant Catholic after that (but hey, perhaps he will!), but he will go to dinner without any more doubts about who is Catholic, the commie Pope who wants to Muslimise Europe or the angry warrior ants who oppose him.

And still, still…

As it becomes clear that our work is getting more and more effective, I invite you not to look at numbers.

The Blessed Virgin does not care about how many readers you have. She cares about how much will and energy to fight for Christ you have.

But to know that, together with many others, you are peeving Jorge “Che” Bergoglio is also a satisfaction.




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