L’Oreal: Because He’s Racist.

Because they are Trannies



The well-known beauty firm L'Oreal hires a trannie (you read correctly) to represent their products. Then they fire him when sick statements of the man (in the Breitbart article constantly referred to as “they”, either out of political correctness or referring to his schizophrenia, one of the two) stating that all Whites are racist or profit from racism are made public.

Not happy, the troubled guy went on to say that the “persecuted” minority should be pulled up from the bottom of the pyramid and put at the top, just like that, because of the colour of their skin.

A lazier, more racist and more entitled mentally disturbed black guy was never seen breathing.

This should be (but it won't) a lesson for L'Oreal: apart from killing their image of beauty and femininity by giving ad space to a man, however similar he was made to a woman, they expose themselves to all kind of bad publicity when these people show who they are: deeply troubled individuals who should receive medical attention in specially built hospitals rather than being made examples for the rest of us.



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  1. Sad to hear this about L’Oreal. They make one of my favorite shades of lipstick–“Blushing Berry”. First it was Apple, then Starbucks, then Barilla, now L’Oreal. Everything is encrusted in evil these days.

  2. The racist she-man’s brilliant career has now really begun. He is receiving a lot of publicity and wholehearted support from all kinds of establishment media and academia, while now confirmed bigoted and racist L’Oreal is condemned for firing him.
    What was he looking for among these morally and intellectually inferior racists and bigots, who hired him, a black man, in the role of a beautiful lady? He was there to use these losers for fame, fortune, advancement, and overthrow of all that remains normal, while gracing them with his divine presence.

    Hateful sick racist deviants have a derogatory label for me now – normie.

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