The Charge Of Rees-Mogg

I have already written about Jacob Rees-Mogg, the U.K. “Honourable Member For The XVIII Century”.

Rees-Mogg has stunned, stunned observers and political personnel by going to a popular morning TV show and clearly expressing his opposition to both so-called gay marriage and abortion.

The man is, so to speak, “officially unofficially” running for PM. It is inconceivable that his words were not planned or well-reflected beforehand. I do not recall any UK politician in such a position making such unequivocal statements on such matters.

I am now arming myself with the usual dose of cynicism and awaiting the probable distinguos and back-pedalling following the predictable storm that ensued, with the apostles of tolerance all showing great intolerance for the otherwise thinking.

I do not want to even begin to hope that God might have graced us with a man who, posed in front of the choice between his faith and his career, unhesitatingly and vocally chooses the first. Even if he does not make it to PM, it would be such a beautiful gesture that it would be written in heaven forever, and it would give to those sincere Catholics still remaining the warm feeling of knowing that someone still puts Christ first.

Congratulations again to the Honourable Member For The XVIII Century. May your faith keep you on the straight and narrow and, with God's grace, make of you a weapon for Christ in the XXI Century.



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  1. I have already replied to two such back-stabbers – one particularly saddened me as he is a well-known Academic who signed the open letter to PF criticising AL & requesting its clarification.

    For the time the Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg was given & in a two against one (one of whom professes to be Catholic) situation, I was very pleased with the answers he gave which were clear, concise & above all Catholic. If he didn’t expand on the correct political policy in dealing with rapists which annoyed some viewers, maybe the next interview will provide more time for him to do so. All in all I feel relieved that at least there is one person in politics in the British Isles/EU ready to stand & be counted for the Bride of Christ.

  2. That this gentleman is given a voice on a British daytime talk show is a marvelous thing. Maybe, just maybe he will touch a few hearts and intellects–the seed of a moral awakening.

  3. I know I should not be complaining. This is wonderful news. If only he mentioned the children…
    The children sodomites adopt, procure, artificially conceive should always be the main concern, when talking about sodomite “marriage”.

  4. The Mogg will not back-pedal. He is a man of integrity. A rare beast in the world of British and global politics. I sincerely hope too, that Jacob, is given a ministerial position and in time will lead this country. I noticed that Ian Duncan Smith, another “Catholic “politician, was on the Good Morning Channel disavowing Jacob Rees- Mog and affirming his vote for “gay marriage” because he believed in stable families and bull like that.

  5. Anthony Phillips

    I too was pleased with JRM, though I wish that, instead of saying ‘I support the position of the Catholic church’ as the answer, he’d come out and said ‘I’m against abortion because I’m against killing innocent babies; I’m against gay “marriage” because homosexuality is a serious psychological disorder (or, more likely, one symptom of a multifarious psychological disorder) and it does both the individual and society harm to pretend that it is normal or acceptable.’ You don’t have to be Catholic, or Christian, to recognise the latter point–Sigmund Freud was hardly a believer.
    The IDS types will say the sky hasn’t fallen because of gay marriage. No, it hasn’t, and neither did it when we undermined family life by permitting easy divorce, by letting Hollywood corrupt our morals with its filth in the cinema and on television, by allowing the slaughter of innocent children in the womb. No, western society continues chugging along quite well, on its inexorable march into Gehenna.

  6. One thing I deeply trust M.’s wisdom is when he wrote on matter of sodomy. Seems like Jacob Rees-Mogg is actually a voice in the wilderness. If British prayed hard to God Mogg would be chosen to be PM to save the nation from the verge of destruction of enemy within, Islam. He’s much more Catholic than PF. God bless, Mogg.

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