The Height Of Unbelief

Here, Francis is seen waiting to be received by the psychoanalyst

Being the tolerant, flexible guy I am I understand that someone who is poorly instructed and is not graced with a strong faith may recur to the services of a psychoanalyst . This is the common knowledge, “what people do”, particularly if they have the resources.

However, a person with a better degree of instruction will understand the profoundly subversive (or plain disgusting) roots of Freudian thinking, the system of belief behind most of modern psychoanalysis.

Similarly, a person with a well-rooted faith will, without needing any instruction about the workings of psychoanalysis, automatically look to his faith, not to a strange professional , for the solution of the problems afflicting him.

It is, therefore, quite revealing of the man that Bergoglio would, without any shame, candidly confess that he has himself, whilst in a position of authority within his Jesuit order, recur to the services of such a professional.

Besides the obvious question of how the heck a person with a vow of poverty decides he can spend the money of his Order – which appears the most likely scenario – for pastimes like this one (certainly not cheap in Argentina, just as everywhere else), the more direct question is: how on earth can a man who has supposedly gone through several years of theological studies and spiritual exercises even think of sitting on a psychoanalyst 's couch?

The answer is obvious: because he never had any spiritual mind, and never had any serious theological formation, probably despising even the little that could make its way into his rarher thick cabeza.

This here is the reality of Jorge Bergoglio: a faithless, boorish ass so ignorant that he does not even understand how he embarrasses himself exposing his utter lack of any spiritual attitude or theological formation.

By the by, this admission of visiting a psychoanalyst might explain his abstruse reasoning about the “need for security” and such like claptrap: I bet my pint some guy told him that religious faith is for people wanting to cling to security, and he now spouts that out day in and day out to insult those who, unlike him, actually believe in God.

When this unspeakable ass dies is not one day too soon.




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  1. I would rather see him publicly castigated & denounced for what he is – an abject Marxist/Masonic heretic. He should then be air-lifted to the lonliest island on the planet where his only source of conversation will be with GOD.

  2. Freud was a sick puppy who managed to do lasting and profound damage. He was just one of the many arrows that have been shot into Western Civilization in a sustained attempt to kill it. But make no mistake, the real target has always been Christ and his followers.

  3. Many of my age may remember the famous case a of a Benedictine monastery in Cuernavaca, Mexico, The leader of which, Monsignor LeMercier invited psychoanalysts to assist in confirming the vocations of the friars. It resulted in most of them apostatizing. and LeMercier himself marrying, a nun I beileve, in Cuernavaca Cathedral itself, even the then Archbishop of Cuernavaca, Méndez Arceo, better known as Méndez Ateo, declined to marry them not wanting his reputation to get still worse, but some other priest married them.

  4. I first learnt, to my dismay, all about Freud when I did second year psych at uni. Immediately thought he was obviously a twisted raving maniac with no proof to any of his theories and no plausible application to real life (or Faith). Jung was similarly disappointing. The more I learned, the less I was interested or respected psychology at all; partly because I couldn’t believe people could sit there and soak up this rot like it was a treasure! My lecturers too didn’t ever point out the obvious idiocy or question it. I passed the course without ever attending another lecture (it clashed with Art) and then promptly dropped it at the end of the semester. The Wisdom of the Church stands so supremely high next to rubbish like this. I’ve had dark, sad, hopeless moments in my life too but even I realised as if by gut instinct, that God alone could help a lost, faithless sinner like me and of course, once I asked him, He did.

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