Steve Bannon And Common Sense Are Right


If we lived in sane times, controversies like this one would never happen. But we don’t, so they do.

Bannon is right on the money is mentioning the… money as the cause of the oh so social attitude of our disgraceful bishops. However, I would add another component that seems to me to be a very important factor in what we see happening in the Church all over the West: loss of faith.

A Bishop who has faith is not afraid of speaking the inconvenient truth. A Bishop who has lost his faith easily – almost automatically – defaults into do-goodism and bleeding heart attitude. This drift is, in itself, not about money. It is about the search of a role in society and a measure of self-esteem for a person who does not believe in hell and heaven anymore – or has neutered this belief to make it comfortable for him – and is now in need of being appreciated by the also tepid believers in the pews, and by the man in the mirror. 

This phenomenon is not new. I once read a shocking fact: Angela Merkel’s father was a Protestant preacher/missionary who, after WW II, chose to live in the Russian Occupied territory that had become the German Democratic Republic because…. he found the Communist project more Christian than Western Capitalism. When the wall came up and those who were in the East were condemned to stay there, turned out this idiot condemned his entire family to a life under a communist tyranny. This is how stupid these people can be, and this would never have happened if Father Merkel had kept his Christian faith.

By the way, this also shows that the apple does not fall far from the tree, as the culona inchiavabile* Merkel dabs in this anti-Christian, anti-Western do-goodism just like papa.

However, Steve Bannon does not say anything original. He speaks to common sense. Everyone can see that the bishops’ message just does not square with common thinking and with traditional Catholicism. Nowhere has it ever been said that national boundaries are unjust, and everyone – and most of all infidels – must be allowed in just for the asking, or because they are very good at massacring each other (which they undoubtedly are). This nonsense is just not the religion of our forefathers, it’s the new religion of the faithless.

It is evident to my cat that these people are losing customers like they are selling old smartphones, and are also looking for an easy way to get other people in the pews, whose children they can ruin. It’s the vicious circle of faithlessness, permanently looking for  more victims.  

It is time to expose these faithless clown for what they are: prostitutes to their own misguided conscience and the money from the Great Government Tit, who try to look good at your children’s and God’s expense.

Give me that old religion, instead of these mediocre politicians.

By the way: Bannon would make an excellent bishop. Better than almost anyone of them.


*© Silvio Berlusconi





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  1. ilovevictoriasbows

    Sept. 11, 2017
    Washington Post
    Weighing in on two areas of disagreement with a U.S. president with whom he has already clashed, Pope Francis said Monday that climate science is clearly true, and that President Donald Trump should allow young (illegal) immigrants to stay in the United States if he is truly “pro-life.”

  2. Sheesh I may print this out and send it to our bishop, who just sent through the diocesan paper, his request to bring in more, more, MORE immigrants, and even gave advice on finding state pencilnecks who can assist the new invaders with green cards, fiancé applications, visas, etc. He went so far as to caution that “no one must open their doors to ICE agents without a warrant”. So now our Bishops, rather than spread the Gospel as is their duty and vocation, are pro bono attorneys for illegals, encouraging the rule of law be resisted. This was in the Four County Catholic, on the second page, Let Faith Lead the Way (to destruction), by Bishop Michael Cote.
    Our pope, Cardinals, and Bishops have apostasized, and are leading souls to hell.
    I did not read Steve Bannon’s comments, but one thing he said I disagree with. He expressed his “respect” for the Bishops. Why are we “respecting” men who are not only abandoning Christ and the Gospel, but also encouraging the invasion of illegal immigrants and particularly egregious, Islam. These men are mad.

  3. M, Zmirak is being too charitable to Dolan and the American bishops. The fact is that they’re all good little careerists, willing to march to the prudential beat of any sitting Pope. They wouldn’t know the Catholic faith if it came out and bit them on their behinds. Heck, they wouldn’t know Christianity as a whole if it came out and did the same. Besides, bishops have been politicians for centuries, long before Vatican II, the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the Great Schism or any of the other historical excuses Catholics use for the hierarchy’s theological, intellectual and moral deterioration.

  4. Like them, our bishops shook hand with Soros. Almost all of them never have to go thru trial of life, lost all passion to fight since they initially rejected it or surrendered themselves to Devil’s sweet temptations of money, fame, power, comfort and even sex (perverted?) without sacrifices for God and people souls. They’re coward and desiring to be slaves rather than fighting bloody hard that requires their own tremendous heroic efforts and strong faith forever to God. Loosing hearts and becoming obfuscated for not seeing any temporal reward from above. It is so enjoyable and pleasant with the world that they’re completely blinded and not realizing that they’re casting themselves into imminent danger of eternal slavery. All need exorcism. God have mercy.

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